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New Titles – w/e 24th October 2009

in hardback:

Robert Jordan & Brandon SandersonThe Gathering Storm book 12 of the Wheel of Time! Following Jordan’s deathe 2 years ago, Sanderson was asked to complete the saga, which was supposed to be twelve books long. However, the story was too big for a single volume, so this is also part 1 of the concluding A Memory of Light trilogy! The US ecition doesn’t go on sale until the 27th (Tuesday) so the UK one is the World 1st edition…

Kelly LinkPretty Monsters short story collection at a budget price for a hardback…

Theodore SturgeonSlow Sculpture volume  XII  in The Ccomplete Stories of, published by North Atlantic Books

in large format:

Robert V. S. RedickThe Rats and the Ruling Sea volume 2 of the series which began with The Red Wolf Conspiracy, which I thoroughly enjoyed! Epic fantasy mainly set on a giant, aged sailing ship!

Kristine Kathryn RuschDiving into the Wreck a space-salvager stumbles across an ancient abandoned spaceship dating from the days before ftl…
Jennifer RardinBite Marks the 6th outing for Jaz Parks, this time she’s off to Australia, not Scotland, so no credit for me this time at the back of the book!

Cecelia HollandThe Witches’ Kitchen re-issue of the 2nd of her CorbanViking sequence, which started with The Soul Thief.

Star Trek EnterpriseBeneath the Raptor’s Wing the first volume of The Romulan War, written by Michael A. Martin

in ‘B’ format:

Steve BerryThe Charlemagne Pursuit sunken submarines and cryptic Carolingian clues!
Paul KaneBroken Arrow the latest in The Afterblight Chronicles

in paperback:

Jack McDevittThe Devil’s Eye the 4th in the Alex Benedict sequence…
Mike ShepherdUndaunted the 7th in the Kris Longknife series…
Steven L. KentThe Clone Betrayal the 5th in the Clone series…
R. M. MeluchStrength and Honor the 4th novel featuring the U.S.S. Merrimack as it battles against the neo-Roman space empire of Palatine!

James P. BlaylockThe Knight of the Cornerstone strange goings-on in small town Colorado. I enjoyed the hardback last year

Nichole PeelerTempest Rising 1st in a new series set on the coast of Maine, featuring Jane True, a secret selkie!
Diana Pharaoh FrancisBitter Night the 1st in the Horngate Witches series. Max is a witch, bound by spellcraft to be ‘Shadowblade’ to the Coven leader… meanwhile the ancient Guardians are stirring!
Julie KennerTainted the 1st of the Blood Lily Chronicles. She becomes an assassin for the forces of Light!

Star Trek Synthesis the latest book to feature the Starship Titan, written by James Swallow

art, etc:

William O’ConnorDracopedia hardcover all about dragons, including how to draw them! Heavily illustrated
Bob HobbsDark Art how to draw witches & sorcerors, etc.

Gecko KeckDraw Gothic just what it says!

Gecko KeckDraw Sci Fi how to draw robots and aliens, etc. Published by Search Press as part of a series of HTD books, as is Draw Gothic


Black Static #13 with a very striking cover!

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