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New Titles – w/e 26th September 2009

in hard back:

Paul F. WilsonGround Zero the latest Repairman Jack novel…

Walter MoersThe Alchemaster’s Apprentice the latest adventure from the author of The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear! Guaranteed fun!

TorchwoodConsequences the latest compact hardback, containing 5 stories by James Moran, Joseph Lidster, Andrew Cartmel, Sarah Pinborough and David Llewellen

in large format:

Kristin CashoreFire the new novel from the author of Graceling. I think it’s a companion volume set in the same world rather than a direct sequel…

John Skipp (editor) – Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead giant anthology, including several essays on the zombie phenomenon

in ‘B’ format:

Peter F. HamiltonThe Temporal Void sequel to The Dreaming Void and part 2 of The Void Trilogy
Neal StephensonAnathem giant novel, set in a maths institute!
Dan SimmonsDrood a novel about the novel Dickens never finished…
Neil GaimanThe Graveyard Book – YA/children’s book about a boy who grows up in a graveyard, helped by the ghosts there…
David FarlandThe Wyrmling Horde the 7th book of The Runelords
George MannThe Osiris Ritual the 2nd Newbury & Hobbes Investigation, following on from The Affinity B ridge
Mr. Dan Abnett – Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero alternate history of Elizabethan swashbuckling, set in the reign of Elizabeth the 30th! Triumff is possibly the name of the series this is undoubtedly part one of…

Jane Austin & Ben E. WintersSense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters following on from the success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

Stephen Jones (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror the best horror stories of 2008

Warhammer 40,000Space Wolf: The Second Omnibus by William King and Lee Lightner. Contains Wolfblade, Sons of Fenris & Wolf’s Honour

in paperback:

Ann AguirreDoubleblind the 3rd Sirantha Jax book; the 1st was Grimspace, about spaceship jump-pilots…
John VarleyRolling Thunder the 3rd of his Mars set, which began with Red Lightning and Red Thunder
William C. DietzWhen Duty Calls the latest outing for the Legion of the Damned
Robert J. Sawyer Flashforward re-issue to tie in with the new tv series of the same name
Juliet MarillierHeir to Sevenwaters the 4th in the Sevenwaters series, which began with Daughter of the Forest…
Patricia BriggsHunting Ground the 2nd book of The Alpha and Omega, following on from Cry Wolf
Colin HarveyWinter Song Karl Allman’s spaceship crashes on an unknown planet…
Andy RemicKell’s Legend all action fantasy; volume 1 of the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles
Ilona AndrewsOn the Edge the 1st in her new series about life on the Edge, the bridge between reality and magic…
Phaedra WeldonSpectre the sequel to Wraith; another Zoe Martinique Investigation… she’s a PI who uses her ability to control her OOB experiences to solve her offbeat cases

Walter GreatshellApocalypse Blues the first in his Xombies series, about extremely fast zombies; it was previously published as Xombies

WarhammerShamanslayer the latest Gotrek & Felix adventure, by Nathan Long

Warhammer 40,000Cadian Blood an Imperial Guard novel, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


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