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New Titles – w/e 20th June 2009

in hardback:

David DrakeIn the Stormy Red Sky the 7th in the RCN series, featuring Lt. Leary
Warren FaheyFragment life on a remote Pacific island has been evolving separately for millions of years…

Jonathan L. HowardJohannes Cabal the Necromancer a graverobber gambles with the devil to regain his soul… the short extract on the back makes it sound a bit like Robert Rankin, or similar, although I had thought it was meant to be a bit more serious in tone…

TorchwoodBay of the Dead by Mark Morris and The House That Jack Built by Guy Adams. The latest 2 budget hardbacks of the Doctor Who spin-off show…

in large format:

Chris WoodingRetribution Halls his first novel since The Fade, which I enjoyed. This is a Tale of the Jetty Kay, which is the name of a rogue trading and occasional pirate ship of the skies, preying on other airships and evading the Coalition Navy vessels patroling the skyways…

David Wellington23 Hours his latest vampire novel

in ‘B’ format:

David BilsboroughA Fire in the North the 2nd of the Annals of Lindorman; the first was The Wanderer
Hal DuncanEscape From Hell short novel about 4 sinners and their attempt to break out of hell.
I should have had both these books a while ago. Minor hiccup somewhere in the ordering system, I’m afraid.

in paperback:

S. J. DayEve of Destruction the 2nd in the series that began with Eve of Darkness
Alex ArcherSacrifice the 18th Rogue Angel adventure


Black Static #11 cover date June/July


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