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New Titles – w/e 9th May 2009

in hardback:

China MievilleThe City & the City mystery in a mysterious city…
John MacroStarfinder the first Skylords novel, set in a land of airships and dragons…
Michael Z. WilliamsonContact With Chaos an industrial exploration ship discovers aliens on a distant planet…
Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildCemetery Dance the latest outing for Special Agent Pendergast

in paperback:

John ScalziZoe’s Tale latest novel from the author of Old Man’s War
Mark L. Van NameSlanted Jack the sequel to One Jump Ahead, again featuring Jon & Lobo
Brandon SandersonThe Hero of Ages the 3rd in the Mistborn trilogy. His next book should be the 12th in The Wheel of Time series, bring to a conclusion the long-running series by the late Robert Jordan
David KeckIn a Time of Treason the sequel to In the Eye of Heaven
Poul AndersonTo Outlive Eternity 7 stories – 700 pages!

Terminator: Salvation novelisation of the new Terminator film, by Alan Dean Foster

Steve AltenThe Loch ‘premier’ format edition about the horror of the Loch Ness Monster!
James A. MooreDeeper sea-based horror
Liam JacksonThe Keys of Solomon ancient artifact thriller; sequel to Offspring
S. J. DayEve of Darkness 1st in a new series of urban horror…


H.P.Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror issue #4

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