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New Titles – w/e 25th April 2009

in hardback:

Charles StrossThe Revolution Business the 5th in his Merchant Princes series… (signed copies, by the way)
Harry TurtledoveGive Me Back My Legions a historical novel set against the background of the disasterous (for  Rome) Battle of the Teutoburg Forest… 
Neal Asher – Shadow of the Scorpion the 6th Agent Cormac novel…
Alastair ReynoldsZuma Blues short story collection

in large format:

Simon R. GreenThe Spy Who Haunted Me the 3rd of the Secret Histories
L. E. Modesitt, jr.
Ghosts of Columbia omnibus edition containing the first two novels in his alternate history series featuring Dr. Johan Eschbach of New Bruges… Of Tangible Ghosts & The Ghost of the Revelator

in ‘B’ format:

Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-SmithPride and Prejeduce and Zombies just what it says! With b&w illustrations

Steven EriksonToll the Hounds the 8th volume of the Mazalan Book of the Fallen
Robert HoldstockMerlin’s Wood subtitled The Vision of Magic, it also includes 4 short stories. First puplished in 1994

H. G. Wells & Eric BrownThe Time Machine a simplified, illustrated, annotated retelling of the classic story

in paperback:

Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonPaul of Dune is the start of a new trilogy which carries on from the end of Frank Herbert‘s  Dune, but is set before the events of his sequel, Dune Messiah

John EversonSacrifice an insane woman releases some demons…
Graham MastertonDeath Mask a killer who appears from thin air…

art, etc:

Dinogami by Fernando Gilgado Gomez. How to create Origami Dinosaurs!


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