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New Titles – w/e 4th October

in hardback:

Fiona McIntoshRoyal Exile book 1 of her new Valisar Trilogy. The Kingdom of Penraven now stands alone against the barbarians…
Ted DekkerThe Circle Trilogy contains the books Black, Red & White. The hero alternates between two worlds, shifting every time he wakes up!
Andre Norton & Sasha MillerThe Knight of the Red Beard the final volume in their Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash & Rowan
Karl SchroederPirate Sun the sequel to Sun of Suns, book 3 of Virga
Eric Flint & Dave FreerSlow Train to Arcturus a generation starship from Earth arrives in an alien system…
Jonathan CarrollThe Ghost in Love looks intriguing!

Max BrooksZombie Survival Notes a small notbook which includes useful tips for combating zombies…

in ‘B’ format:

Joe R. Lansdale & Don CoscarelliBubba Ho-Tep contains both the story and the screenplay together with introductions by both authors…
Angela CarterThe Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault slim edition of classic fairy stories…

in paperback:

John Ringo & Travis S. TaylorThe Vorpal Blade the 2nd in the Into the Looking Glass series
Alan Dean FosterPatrimony the 13th Pip & Flinx adventure…
Felix GilmanThunderer new fantasy set in a gigantic city. I enjoyed the hardback earlier this year
Eric BrownNecropath the 1st in the Bengal Station trilogy. His previous big-scale out-of-system sf novel Helix was excellent!
Anne McCaffrey & Todd McCaffreyDragon Harper I think this is the 20th Pern book!
Andy RemicWar Machine a Combat-K novel, set in a future war-ravaged galaxy
Eric Flint & Dave FreerPyramid Power the sequel to Pyramid Scheme, with parrallel worlds and time travel…
Charles StrossThe Merchant’s War the 4th in his Merchant Princes series
Mercedes LackeyReserved for the Cat the 4th in her Elemental Masters series
Terry GoodkindConfessor the final volume of The Sword of Truth!
Harry TurtledoveThe Gladiator the 4th in his Crosstime Traffic series
Piers AnthonyHair Apparent the 31st Xanth book!
Matt ForbeckThe Mutant Chronicles the novelisation of the new film…

Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III by William B. Scott, Michael J. Coumatos & William J. Birnes

Keith LaumerThe Universe Twister an omnibus edition containing the 3 Lafayette O’Leary adventures, The Time Bender, The World Shuffler & The Shape Changer

David GribbinsThe Lost Tomb ancient artifact thriller
S. L. LinneaTreasure of Eden the 3rd in the series; ancient artifact adventure…
Michael Curtis Ford The Fall of Rome a novel set in the years 453 – 475, as the Western Roman Empire finally succumbs…

Kelley ArmstrongPersonal Demon the latest book in her Women of the Otherworld series…
Dean R. KoontzThe Darkest Evening of the Year set against the background of an abused dog rescue operation…
F. Paul WilsonBloodline the latest Repairman Jack paperback; Conspiracies is also newly re-printed in a matching cover to the rest of the set…
L. A. BanksBite the Bullet the 2nd Crimson Moon novel…
Tony RichardsDark Rain an ancient god awakens; appears to be a bit like Bentley Little
R. Patrick GatesNowhere to Hide
Deborah LeBlancWater Witch
Bentley LittleThe Academy
Katie McAlisterUp in Smoke the 1st in the Silver Dragons series
Mary SangiovanniFound You

Ambrose BierceThe Spook House a collection of short horror stories; 37 tales in 234 pages!

Rich Horton (editor) – Fantasy; the Best of the Year, 2008 edition
Nick Gevers (editor) – Extraordinary Engines new steampunk anthology

Star TrekGods of Night Destiny #1 Captains Picard, Dax & Riker get involved in repercusions from the Dominion War, and an early, long lost Earth starship is discovered…

DragonlanceThe Heir of Kayolin Dwarf Home #2

Forgotten RealmsBlackstaff Tower & Mistshore the first two books in a new Waterdeep set

EberronWhen Night Falls the 2nd Lanternlight book


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