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New Titles – w/e 27th September

in hardback:

Peter F. HamiltonThe Temporal Void the sequel to The Dreaming Void

Larry Niven & Edward M. LernerJuggler of Worlds the sequel to Fleet of Worlds, set in Known Space
Gene WolfeAn Evil Guest Lovecraftian horror!
Neil GaimanThe Graveyard Book a young adult ghost story with b&w illustrations by Dave McKean. Checking my delivery notes, I see that this title has an on-sale date of 30th September, or next Tuesday.
Mercedes Lackey & James MalloryThe Phoenix Endangered the 2nd volume of The Enduring Flame series; the sequel to The Phoenix Unchained

Ian MortimerThe Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England subtitled ‘a handbook for visitors to the fourteenth century’; everyday life explained from an outsider’s perspective

in large format:

K. J. ParkerCompany new fantasy about the aftermath of war, as some veterans try to settle down…

Jay AmoryThe Clouded World a large omnibus edition containg Darkening for a Fall & Empire of Chaos. The Groundlings war with the Airborn in their sky cities…
Terry J. Erdman & Paula M. BlockStar Trek 101 a guide to the whole Star Trek franchise…

John Joseph Adams (editor) – The Living Dead big anthology of zombie fiction with many top names…

J. K. RowlingThe Complete Harry Potter Collection the 7 paperbacks in a lidded box; the lid lifts and the spines of the books are in a row facing up inside the box

in ‘B’ format

Clive BarkerMister B. Gone historical horror novel
David FarlandWorld Binder The Runelords volume 6
Stephen HuntThe Kingdom Beyond the Waves the sequel to The Court of the Air
The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories edited by Ian Alexander Martin

in paperback:

Brent Weeks The Way of Shadows part 1 of the Night Angel trilogy, a big new fantasy series. Looks very readable.
Sharon ShinnReader and Raelynx the 4th book of the Twelve Houses
Talia GryphonKey to Redemption a healer caught up in an inter-necine vampire war…
Elizabeth Ann ScarboroughCarol for Another Christmas an update of Dickens, set in Seattle; the h/c came out 12 years ago…
Robert E. HowardThe Hour of the Dragon the Weird Works of REH #4
Karen Dionne
Freezing Point Antarctic thriller, set in the near future
Gary Gibson
Stealing Light large-scale sf

Jeanne Cavelos (editor) – The many Faces of Van Helsing anthology which includes stories by the likes of Tanith Lee, Kristine Katherine Rusch & Chris Roberson

WarhammerElfsyayer another Gotrek & Felix adventure…
Warhammer 40,000Only in Death another Gaunt’s Ghosts novel by Dan Abnett

art, etc:

Brian FroudThe Secret Sketchbooks of Brian Froud now at a reduced price
Wendy FroudThe Art of Wendy Froud
J. CorsentinoTime of the Faeries
Kinuko CraftDrawings & Paintings of Kinuko Craft

Jim WoodringThe Portable Frank 14 short b&w strips featuring Frank and his adventures
Alan BakerWilliam’s Dinosaurs big, illustrated childrens book about a boy’s adventures with some dinosaurs
Dougal DixonThe Complete Book of Dinosaurs excellent guide to all the dinos, at an equally excellent £9.99!

Film PostersHorror companion volume to the Science Fiction volume that came in recently…


Interzone #218 October cover date
Locus # 572, September cover date
Heavy Metal Novemebr cover date
Juxtapoz  October cover date

Cthulhu Tales #5
Fall of Cthulhu: Godwar #2

Zombie Tales graphic collection

Flash Gordon: The Mercy Wars #1 based of Alex Raymond‘s character – it’s changed a bit!


Giger 2009 wall calendar
Emily the Strange wall calendar
Graeme BaseDragons

Star Trek (original series)
Star TrekShips of the Line

Plato and a Platypus desk calendar, subtitled ‘understanding philosophy through jokes’

Other merchandise:

My Little Cthulhu a vinyl figure from Dork Tower

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