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New Titles – w/e 23rd August

in hardback:

John ScalziZoe’s Tale the latest in his Old Man’s War sequence…
Terry BrooksThe Gypsy Morph the 3rd of the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. I make that a 20 book cycle, so far!
Tobias S. BuckellSly Mongoose this seems to be more of a companion than a sequel to his books Crystal Rain & Ragamuffin
Walter Jon Williams – Implied Spaces new novel; I’m a little late getting it…
Joseph SmithThe Wolf small hardback told from the point of view of a wolf…

Lucius ShepardThe Best of Lucius Shepard very nice edition of his best short work; 620 pages or so

in large format:

Elizabeth BearInk and Steel part one of The Stratford Man
Elizabeth BearHell and Earth part two of The Stratford Man… which is itself a novel of the Promethean Age
Gregory DarylPandemonium curious new fantasy; one of the characters is a VALIS-possessed PKDick!
Martin MillarSuzy, Led Zeppelin and Me set in Glasgow in 1972 as Zeppelin are due to play…

William JonesThe Strange Cases of Rudolph Pearson interconnected short stories centred around the Cthulhu Mythos
Hardboiled Cthulhu an anthology of Cthulhu-related stories edited by James Ambuehl

Jonathan MaberryZombie CSU subtitled ‘forensics of the living dead’

in ‘B’ format:

Ian McDonaldBrasyl sf novel set in Brasil, past, present & future
Brian AldissHARM a man tries to cope with interrogation and being held a prisoner

in paperback:

Karen MillerRiven Kingdom volume 2 of the Godspeaker Trilogy; the sequel to Empress
John Ringo
& Tom KratmanYellow Eyes the latest (9th) Posleen book
William C. Dietz
When All Seems Lost a Legion of the Damned adventure
Ann Aquirre
Wanderlust the sequel to Grimspace
Paul Kearney
The Ten Thousand new fantasy; whatever happened to the 3rd in his Ran trilogy
H. G. WellsThe War of the Worlds new edition, with extensive glossary

Neal Asher The Engineer Reconditioned short story collection
Dark Delicacies IIFear a second collection named after a horror book shop…

Lilith SaintcrowHunter’s Prayer the 2nd Jill Kismet novel…
Jeanne C. SteinLegacy dark fantasy, an Anna Strong, Vampire novel…
Jeff LongDeeper the sequel the The Descent
Mel OdomHellgate LondonCovenant the 3rd in the trilogy…

Star Trek EnterpriseKobayashi Maru by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels not the novel of the same name set in the time of the original series…

WolverineElection Day by Peter David
The New Destroyer
Killer Ratings the 3rd of the relaunched series, by Warren Murphy & James Mullaney
OutlandersPantheon of Vengeance the 37th in the series by James Axler
Warhammer OnlineEmpire in Chaos part one of The Age of Reckoning by Anthony Reynolds


Black Static #6


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