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New Titles – w/e 16th August

in hardback:

Christopher BrookmyreA Snowball in Hell

Philip K. DickUBIK the Screenplay a screenplay he wrote at some time (the intros, etc. don’t appear to say just when) of one of his best novels…

in large format:

Star Trek Myriad UniversesEchoes and Refractions 3 novels in alternate ST universes. The Chimes at Midnight by Geoff Trowbridge, A Gutted World by Keith R. A. Candido and Brave New World by Chris Roberson

in ‘B’ format:

Simon R. GreenThe Man With the Golden Torc UK edition of the 1st in his new series… Secret Histories #1
Brian AldissHothouse classic re-print

art, etc:

JuxtapozIllustration hardback book edited by the Juxtapoz magazine team…
J. Allen St. JohnGrand Master of Fantasy: the paintings of J. Allen St. John.  Written and edited by Stephen D. Korshak. Great looking stuff!
Film Posters  Science Fiction put together by Tony Nourmand & Graham Marsh It doesn’t come right up to date, but it’s full of wondeful poster art!
Gary TongeBold Visions: the Digital Painting Bible excellent-looking overview of techniques, etc.
Jujimi MookTattoo Design Book featuring Japanese tattoos of dragons and animals

Robert ValleyMassive Swerve # 1 first volume of a stylish new graphic anthology…
MeathousS.O.S. another comic anthology, along the lines of the Flight series…
Kevin Eastman & Simon BisleyBodycount graphic novel

Larry MossBalloon Architecture just what it says! Build the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye or any of 8 other landmark structures from balloons! Pump supplied! Balloons included!

magazines, etc:

Heavy Metal September cover date
Neo #49
Otaku USA July/August issue

Gothic & Lolita Bible #28
Gothic Beauty magazine #26

Fall of Cthulhu: Godwar #1
Fall of Cthulhu Cover Gallery
Cthulhu Tales #14
Cthulhu Tales graphic novel #1

film tie-in:

The Art and Making of Star WarsThe Force Unleashed heavily illustrated softcover book about the making of the new animated Star Wars… Lots of detail


Doctor WhoThe Boy That Time Forgot latest Big Finish adventure; #110


Lord of the RingsThe War of the Ring big new boardgame, illustrated by John Howe

Battlestar Galactica So Say We All black mugs, with red crest and motto

Cthulhu shot glasses


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