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New Titles – w/e 12th July

In hardback:

Charles StrossSaturn’s Children the UK edition, with a much more tasteful cover!
Nick HarkawayGone Away World weird mainstream novel…
Steven BrustJhegaala the latest Vlad Taltos adventure…
John C. WrightNull-A Continuum a sequel to the 3 Null-A books by A.E.vanVogt
Chris EvansA Darkness Forged in Fire book 1 of a new fantasy series, The Iron Elves
Jack VanceTreasury omnibus edition containing Emphyrio, The Languages of Pao and The Domaons of Koryphon. Not sure Koryphon has had a hardback edition before… And Pao was only a hardback when it first came out, I think. Emphyrio was only a U/M edition, iirc (except for their inclusion in the 40+ volume VIE complete works)

in large format:

Gardner DozoisThe Year’s Best Science Fiction #25 the biggest, and longest-running of the annual anthologies…
David Louis EdelmanMultireal the 2nd part of the Jump 225 trilogy
The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe II edited by Eric Flint & Mike Resnick
Glen CookA Cruel Wind omnibus of the 3 original Dread Empire novels; A Shadow of All Night Falling, October’s Baby & All Darkness Met. This series was huge when it was first published in 1979/80, and then almost forgotten about over the years…

in ‘B’ format:

J. K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hollows the final part – out at last!

Bill HusseyThrough a Glass Darkly new horror
Stephen BaxterWeaver the 4th and final part of his Time’s Tapestry set
Paul MagrsSomething Borrowed the sequel to Never the Bride
Christopher MoorePractical Demonkeeping UK re-issue of his first novel…

L. A. BanksThe Shadows the eleventh in the series that began with Minion
Victor GischlerGo-Go Girls of the Apocalypse fast-moving, post-Apocalyptical page turner!

in paperback:

Douglas Niles & Michael DobsonMacArthur’s War a novel of the invasion of Japan. World War II without the bomb
Kage BakerThe Sons of Heaven the final Company novel
Brenda CooperThe Silver Ship and the Sea on an idyllic, yet harsh, colony world a mysterious spaceship has crashlanded…
Jo WaltonHa’Penny the sequel to Farthing
Daniel AbrahamA Betrayal In Winter the 2nd part of the Long Price Quartet
Ed GreenwoodDark Warrior Rising the 1st novel of Niflheim
David Lynn Golemon Legend an Event Group thriller. Mysterious goings on deep within the Amazon jungle!
Patricia BriggsBlood Bound 2nd in the series that began with
Whitley Strieber2012 the aliens are amongst us!
Holly BlackIronside the sequel to Tithe, by the author of the Spiderwick books…
Sarah PinboroughTower Hill have the residents all gone mad? Or is something worse!
Robert E. HowardBeyond the Black River the 3rd volume of his Weird Works. 6 short stories.

Warhammer 40,000Planet Kill short story collection…

art, etc:

Daniel SimonCosmic Motors subtitled ‘spaceships, cars and pilots of another galaxy‘ Some great stuff!
Stephan MartiniereQuantumscapes more really neat art…
Khang Le, Mike Yamada, Felix Yoon & Scott RobertsonThe Skillful Huntsman book explaining the development of one of the Grimm Fairy Tales comic stories… Again some great looking stuff!

art, etc:

Victoria FrancisFavole 3: Frozen Light latest in the gothic series…
David ColemanThe Art of Animal Character Design from b&w sketches to fully realised critters!
Tiki Art Two very kitsch!
Leo AldebarenThe Catastrophe first of 5 omnibus editions collecting the 10 part series, so this volume also includes The Blonde
Olivier Ledroit & Pat MillsCollection of Shi the 1st 6 comics

Toy2R & Clutter magazine X a hardback collaboration about designed toys…
Toy2RBunny Qee Fiesta Postcard Book 50 designer postcards
Toy2RBunny Qee Fiesta Postcard Book 2 56 designer postcards

SQP portfolios:

Steve Fastner & Rich Larson – Petz II: Fangs and Females six b&w prints
Steve Fastner & Rich Larson – Barbarian Babes – six colour prints…
Hector GomezAmazons: the Swords of Vengeance 6 colour prints
Blas GallegoBorn to the Blood 6 colour prints
Estaban MarotoTouch of the Temptress 6 colour prints
Kim DeMulderWar Brides signed portfolio of 6 colour prints…


Planet StoriesWinter 1947 facsimile edition

High Fructose #8
Gothic & Lolita Bible Boudoir issue
Cosmode #020


Doctor WhoThe Death Collectors adventure #109 from Big Finish

BBC Doctor Who adventures – The Sensorites with William Hartnell and readings of Wishing Well, Peacemaker & The Pirate Loop which all originally starred David Tennant on tv…


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