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New Titles – w/e 14th June

in hardback:

Jacqueline CareyKushiel’s Mercy the 3rd in the Kushiel’s Legacy set

Lewis Shiner – Black & White mainstream novel about racial tension and conflict in the fairly recent past of the USA. He’s an excellent writer.
Douglas Preston & Mario SpeziThe Monster of Florence a true crime book, looking at a notorious murder next door to Preston’s villa in Florence…

in large format:

Glen CookThe Books of the South; Tales of the Black Company omnibus containing Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel and The Silver Spike
Spider: City of Doom an omnibus of 3 reprint adventure novels from the 1930s by Norvell Page. It contains The City Destroyer, The Faceless One and The Council of Evil
H. P. LovecraftNecronomicon large softcover of some of Lovecraft’s best stories… also available in hardback
Captain Future featuring the novel The Comet Kings by Edmond Hamilton, along with other stories and articles…

Jonathan Maberry & David F. KramerThe Cryptopedia an encyclopaedia of weirdness!

in ‘B’ format:

Paul McAuleyCowboy Angels convoluted parallel worlds story, with added black ops/CIA interference across the different versions of 20th C America. I liked the hardback last year…
Keith DonohueThe Stolen Child a young boy and his fairy changeling grow up with strange memories of their childhoods…
Patrick RothfussThe Name of the Wind part 1 of a big new fantasy series; I enjoyed reading the hardback…

in paperback:

Robert Charles WilsonAxis the sequel to Spin
Tobias S. BucknellRagamuffin sequel to Crystal World. Rastas vs Mayans on a forgotten colony planet! 😉 I liked the first book
Mel OdomBoneslicer the first book in The Quest for the Trilogy. Three books hold the key…
Martin MillarThe Good Faries of New York good humoured novel about some Scottish fairies adrift in New York…
Brandon SandersonMistborn budget reprint from the author chosen to finish writing the late Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time cycle
Brandon SandersonThe Well of Ascension sequel to Mistborn; part 2 of a trilogy

L. A. BanksThe Cursed the 9th(?) in the set
Jonathan MaberryDead Man’s Song horror

art, etc:

Serenity Blueprint Reference Pack set of blueprints from the film/tv series

The Art of Claudio Aboy the latest SQP volume…
The Art of Walter Girotto
Leong Wan Kok & PuyuhAstro-Cityzen brilliantly weird art!
Jim WoodringThe Frank Book back in stock. Mainly b&w stories with Frank, Pupshaw and Pushpaw

C’est Bon Anthology #5 b&w graphic collection

Buddy ScaleraWomen and Girls the latest in his Comic Artist’s Photo Reference series…

HellboyThe Companion guide to the comic series
Hellboy IIThe Art of the Movie includes the shooting script, together with photos, sketches, storyboards, etc.


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