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Related to the 1632 series…

Eric Flint & Marilyn KosmatkaTime Spike a maximum security prison somehow appears back in the age of dinosaurs!

Time SpikeThis is the start of a series set in parallel to Flint‘s Grantsville (1632) timeslip series of books… Like S. M. Stirling‘s Nantucket/Dies the Fire series, Flint has gone back to the beginning and described an event that has happened in our time while the original series remains firmly in history. Time Spike is set in the present day (therefore some years after the original 1632 book was initially set) and another Event happens. But this event leads to a more complex blending of history, as people from other eras get sucked in as well… Some scenes set in the present continue to speculate about the Time Spike events, although most of the action is way back in the past.

Anyway, if you’re a 1632 fan, this book expands on the possible reasons for the events and will, I’m sure have sequels… and it’s also quite possible to read it without having read his other work.

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