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New Titles – w/e 10th May

Everything’s a bit late, thanks to the Bank Holiday on Monday…

In hardback:

Eric Flint & Marilyn KosmatkaTime Spike a maximum security prison somehow appears back in the age of dinosaurs!

in large format:

Alan Dean FosterSagramanda near-future sf set in India
Gregory FrostShadow Bridge first half of a new fantasy set; looks good…
Jorge MolstThe Ring subtitled ‘The Last Templar Knight’s Inheritance’ A New York lawyer receives a mysterious package…
Barth AndersonThe Magician and the Fool ancient artifact mystery centred around the history of the Tarot
Sarah MonetteThe Bone Key 10 linked stories about a museum archivist sensitive to the supernatural…

Robert HeinleinFarmer in the Sky classic reprint

James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel (editors) – Rewired top authors appear in ‘The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology’, as it calls itself…
Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois – Wizards anthology, with stories by mayor names…
Ekaterina Sedia
(editor) – Paper Cities an anthology of urban fantasy

in ‘B’ format:

Neil GaimanM is for Magic short story collection aimed at younger readers…
Joe HillHeart-Shaped Box a man buys a ghost on the internet…

in paperback:

David Weber & Linda EvansHell’s Gate first in a new series featuring two empires controlling multiple parallel worlds at war with each other
L. E. Modesitt, jrNatural Ordermage the 14th novel of Recluce
Lois McMaster BujoldLegacy book 2 of The Sharing Knife, the sequel to Beguilement
Timothy ZahnBlackcollar: The Judas Solution inter-planetary warfare with an elite unit; previouis books are o/p
Jay LakeMainspring a very alternate history, where the world literally runs like clockwork! I enjoyed reading it in hardback…
Scott MackayOmega Sol aliens want to turn the sun into a red giant! Sounds a bit OTT, but he’s usually worth reading…
Sean WilliamsEarth Ascendant the 2nd half of Astropolis; the sequel to Saturn Returns
Warren HammondKop unraveling a scandal on a failing colony world…
Jennifer FallonWarlord the final part of her Wolfblade trilogy
Cat BordhiTreasure Forest two children persuade their parents to move to a house in the woods…
Lawrence Watt-EvansThe Ninth Talisman volume 2 of the Annals of the Chosen
Lisa ShearinArmed and Magical a young ‘seeker’ is caught up in magical happenings when she finds an ancient soul-eating stone…

David E. MeadowsFinal Run submarine adventure
Dale BrownStrike Force near-future thriller featuring the first military space station… Published as a Premium edition (i.e. a bit taller than most paperbacks)
Tim Willocks The Religion historical fiction about the Knights of Malta
Talia GryphonKey to Conspiracy the sequel to Key to Conflict, about a paramortal psychologist working for US Special Forces…
Jonathan MayberryBad Moon Rising horror
Tanya HuffBlood Bank short story collection set against the Blood Ties background…

Denise Little (editor) – Front Lines military sf anthology

Star TrekTerok Nor Night of the Wolves (2345 – 2357) another novel set just before DS9

art, etc:

Neil Gaiman & Gris GrimblyThe Dangerous Alphabet rhyming couplets of the alphabet, with humourous illustrations…


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