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New Titles – w/e 12th April

in hardback:

Alastair ReynoldsHouse of Suns epic, large-scale science fiction…
Ursula K. LeGuinLavinia mythical/historical novel based on the character in The Aenaid
Anne BishopTangled Webs a new Black Jewels novel

in large format:

Mark ChadbournThe Burning Man part 2 of the Kingdom of the Serpent; the sequel to Jack of Ravens
Alex BellThe Ninth Circle an amnesiac comes to in Budapest… sf thriller; looks good
Pamela FreemanBlood Ties vol 1 of the Castings trilogy; new fantasy – looks interesting…
Chelsea Quinn YarbroRoman Dusk possibly the 21st Saint-Germain novel… set in 10th century Rome
Jonathan Strachan (editor) – The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year – volume Two the first of the annual anthologies to appear…

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsPrefect a stand alone sf novel, set in his Revelation Space background…
Jonathan LethemYou Don’t Love Me Yet set in the California arts & music scene

Roger ZelaznyThe Chronicles of Amber another in the Ultimate Fantasies series

in paperback:

Jody Lynn NyeAn Unexpected Apprentice a young halfling runs away hoping that she can become a wizard’s apprentice…
Harry TurtledoveBeyond the Gap as the icesheet retreats, a passage opens up to new lands beyond…
Ben BovaAftermath book 4 of The Asteroid Wars
Sarah ZettelSword of the Deceiver the 4th novel of Isavalta
Harold Coyle & Barrett WilliamPandora’s Legion book 1 of Harry Coyle’s Strategic Solutions near future mercenarys…

Kim HarrsonWhere Demons Dare
L. A. BanksBad Blood the 1st Crimson Moon werewolf novel…
Robert McCammonSwan Song classic apocalyptic horror – been a long time since I had it in stock…

The New DestroyerDead Reckoning the 3rd in the relaunched Destroyer series by Warren Murphy & James Mullaney

art, etc:

Kazu Kiruishi (editor) – Flight Explorer #1 similar to Flight but aimed at a younger audience… the stories look great fun 🙂
Ralph Bakshi Unfiltered big book covering most of his career although his LotR work appears to be lacking… a lot of other interesting stuff, though
Matt BuschThe Worlds of Matt Busch
Simon BisleyParadise Lost b&w illustrations of |Milton
Aranzi AronzoCute Stuff more designs and patterns…
Frank FrazettaLegacy edited by Archie & Cathy Fenner restock
Chris GrineChickenhare – Fire in the Hole b&w graphic novel


Heavy Metal May cover date
Juxtapoz April cover date
Doc Savage #15 – contains The Red Spider, Terror Wears No Shoes & Return from Cormoral
The Shadow #16 – contains City of Crime & Shadow Over Alcatraz


Doctor WhoDark Husband latest Big Finish cd release
Doctor Who (Eighth Doctor) – Max Warp & Brave New Town the latest 2 Big Finish releases in this series…


Lasceaux – Exploring Ancestral Art collect the different cave painting animals! Looks fun!

Zombie Emergency Response OperationsZombie Outbreak Survival Kit a pack containing all you need if there’s an outbreak near you!


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