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Flatland the Movie – UK Premier

Last night was the first film in the first Math Cubed film festival at the Filmhouse. The event is being put on by Filmhouse and ICMS and the opening film was Flatland the Movie, which has never been shown in the UK before.

Transreal Fiction was sponsoring the event by providing a copy of the book to everybody attending the screening and a bag to put it in! (Other free stuff was also provided by ICMS and Filmhouse.)

The event was sold out, and there was also a little queue of disappointed people hoping there’d be some returns or no-shows, but they were disappointed… The film seemed to go down well with the audience (although I know it’s had mixed reviews) and I appreciated it more on the big screen than I did a month or two ago when I saw the dvd on a tv screen.

Most people left after it finished but around 20% stayed for a discussion session about it, and any maths questions raised. (There was a couple of fairly high-powered mathematicians, and a couple of people who knew the film and the book as well). Sadly, this had to be slightly truncated, as the previous film had run late and we had to begin a little late…

But definitely a success!

The other films in the mini-festival are Pi, which is being screened on Tuesday, and Cube, which is on Thursday next week…

Flatland - sold out!

Sorry about the picture; it was pretty crowded… maybe get one or two more up shortly…


March 28, 2008 - Posted by | Shop News & Chat

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