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New Titles – w/e 1st March

in hardback:

Raymond E. FeistWrath of a Mad God the 3rd book in the Darkwar set, following on from Flight of the Nighthawks and Into a Dark Realm
in hardback:

John VarleyRolling Thunder the 3rd in the set that began with Red Lightning, jumped a generation to Red Thunder and now jumps again to the next generation of Mars colonists and their endeavours…
R. A. SalvatoreThe Ancient book 1 of The Saga of the First King, which is set earlier in time in the world of the Demon Wars Saga

Kim HarrisonThe Outlaw Demon Wails the 6th book in the Rachel Morgan series; the first to be issued in hardback…

Peter CannonThe Lovecraft Chronicles signed & numbered hardbacks containing 3 stories about HPL himself…

in large format:

Tad WilliamsShadowplay the 2nd in his Shadowmarch series…
Dave DuncanThe Alchemist’s Code the sequel the The Alchemist’s Apprentice, which came in last week in paperback

Mark HenryHappy Hour of the Damned humourous novel set among Seattle’s undead scene

Franklyn SearightLair of the Dreamer a Cthulhu Mythos omnibus. 10 stories.
David Conyers & John SunseriThe Spiraling Worm subtitled Man vs the Cthulhu Mythos

in ‘B’ format:

China MievilleUn Lun Dun his YA novel about an alternative London…
Tom PiccirilliHellboy: Emerald Hell

in paperback:

John Ringo
& Travis S. TaylorVon Neumann’s War alien nanotech invades Earth! I enjoyed this in hardback…
Steven EriksonGardens of the Moon budget re-issue of part 1 of the epic Mazalan Book of the Fallen
Liz WilliamsBloodmind sf; war on a distant planet
Jeffrey ThomasBlue Water the 2nd Punktown novel; it looks quite interesting so I may have to take a closer look at the first one (Deadstock)

George Mann
(editor) – The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction volume Two original anthology of brand new sf

WarhammerAncient Blood
Warhammer 40,000Wolf’s Honour a Space Wolf novel
Warhammer 40,000:The Horus LegacyLegion: Secrets and Lies

art, etc:

Aly Fell & DuddlebugErotic Fantasy Art hardcover
Tony MillionaireMaakies With the Wrinkled Edges latest collection of daily strips…
Roy ThomasThe Savage Sword of Conan volume 2 2nd omnibus collecting the comics
HubOkko: The Cycle of Water Japanese fgantasy graphic novel… looks good
Breene, Pieper & TemplesmithNot Human book one of The Age of Insects

Black & White Images – Fourth Annual Collection images from the Vadeboncoeur Collection back in stock


Locus both the January and February issues (564 & 565)
Black Static #3 new fiction
Neo #43
Fall of Cthulhu #10
Gothic & Lolita Bible – #26
Doc Savage #14 – includes The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror
The Shadow #15 – contains The Shadow Unmasks and The Yellow Band


Doctor WhoThe Condemned #105 from Big Finish!


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