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New Titles – w/e 22nd December 2007

in hardback:

Anne McCaffrey & Todd McCaffreyDragon Harper the latest Pern novel…
Aury WallingtonHeroes – Saving Charlie an untold story of Hiro and Charlie from the hit tv series…
Marie PhillipsGods Behaving Badly somewhat similar to Nightlife of the Gods by Thorne Smith I imagine…

in large format:

Dan SimmonsThe Terror US edition of his Arctic historical thriller
Caitlin R. KiernanDaughter of Hounds

in ‘B’ format:

Ladislav KlimaThe Sufferings of Prince Sternenhoch it’s ‘a grotesque tale of horror’ written in Czech in the 1920s…


Jack CampbellCourageous part 3 of The Lost Fleet. Black Jack Geary continues to try to steer the fleet home…
Elizabeth BearDust intrigue on an ancient, failing space habitat
John BirminghamFinal Impact the 3rd book in his Axis of Time series, in which a future naval fleet is switched back in time to WW2…
Toby BishopAirs and Graces fantasy
Robert NewcombA March into Darkness book 2 of The Destinies of Blood and Stone
Stan GallonDarkest Days terrorists attempt to make Yellowstone erupt as Airforce One crashes with the President on board…

Lilith SaintcrowTo Hell and Back the 5th Dante Valentine adventure…
Carrie VaughnKitty and the Silver Bullet the 4th in the series…

Marvin Kaye (editor) – The Fair Folk 450 pages and only 6 stories! Good line-up of contributors; Tanith Lee, Megan Lindholm, Kim Newman, Patricia McKillip, Craig Shaw Gardner, Jane Yolen & Mydori Snyder
Peter G. Tsouras (editor) – Third Reich Victorious ’10 dynamic scenarios in which Hitler wins the war’ – counter-factual essays

Star Wars Allegiance by Timothy Zahn

Doctor Who etc:

Short Trips #22 – The Ghosts of Christmas hardback
The Girl Who Never Was Big Finish audio adventure #103
Bernice SummerfieldNobody’s Children and Missing Adventures 2 new hardbacks…

art, etc:

Richard Kelly & Ruth Weldele (art) – Southland Tales: the Prequel Saga the backstory for the recent film; now I’ll find out what it was all about! ;)

Andy RuntonOwly – A Time to be Brave the 4th book about a very cute little owl…


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