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New Titles – w/e 24th November

in hardback:

Shiela FinchThe Guild of Xenolinguists

in large format:

Ian IrvineThe Curse of the Chosen the sequel to The Fate of the Fallen and part 2 of The Song of the Tears
Robert E. HowardThe Best of REH 2 – Grim Lands
Will ClarkeThe Worthy subtitled ‘a ghost’s story’ An American college prank goes wrong, and the ghost is out for revenge!
Maurice DijonChild From Water humourous historical fantasy…

Leslie DavisKeeper’s Child near-future dystopian novel…
in paperback:

Jim ButcherCursor’s Fury the 3rd of the Codex Alara series
Eric FlintArkansas the 2nd 1824 alternate history novel
Alan CampbellScar Night
Sharon Lee & Steve MillerCrystal Dragon the 10th Liaden Universe book
Deborah ChesterThe Pearls part 1 of The Pearls and the Crown

Maggie ShayneDemon’s Kiss romantic vampirical horror
Scott AndrewsSchool’s Out school life after the apocalypse, part 1 of the Afterblight Chronicles
Sarah LanganVirus something creeps out of the woods…

Star WarsLegacy of the Force #7 – Fury

DragonlanceDwarf Home #1 – The Secret of Pax Tharkas
DragonlanceOgre Titans #1 – The Black Talon
Forgotten RealmsThe Dungeons #4 – Crypt of the Moaning Diamond great pulp title!
Forgotten RealmsThe Citadels #1 – Neversfall


Doctor WhoThe Mind’s Eye Big Finish adventure #102


Star Trek stills from the original series – I suspect it’s the only ST wall calendar for 2008…

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