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New Titles – w/e 7th June 2014

Annoyingly, a box of new titles has been delayed soemwhere so new titles are a little limited this week…

in hardcover:

James SA. A. CoreyCibola Burn the 4th volume in the Expanse sequence, continuing possibly the the best current sf series.

in large format:

Hal Colebatch & Jessica Q. FoxTreasure Planet a Man-Kzin novel based on the background and aliens created by Larry Niven in his Known Space works

in ‘B’ format:

Kim HarrisonThe Undead Pool the 12th Rachel Morgan urban fantasy…

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New Titles – w/e 31st May 2014

in hardback:

Jim ButcherSkin Game the 15th of the Dresden Files
Ben Bova & Les JohnsonRescue Mode the 1st manned mission to Mars is stranded there and their deaths will doom furure space exploration…
Eric Flint & Charles E. Gannon1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies the latest in Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire series

in large format:

Robert ReedThe Memory of Sky: A Great Ship Trilogy a complete new trilogy in one big volume! Looks excellent, and Locus has a very positive review of it this month…
Nnedi OkoraforLagoon an alien spaceship lands just off the Lagos shore…

Tobias S. Buckell & Joe Monti (editors) – Diverse Energies 11 stories fom an interesting mix of authors and cultures…

Theodore SturgeonGateway Omnibus from Orion with novels The Dreaming Jewels, To Marry Medusa and Venus Plus X
Edmund HamiltonGateway Omnibus from Orion with Captain Future and the Space Emperor, The Star Kings and The Weapon from Beyond
Edger Rice BurroughsGateway Omnibus from Orion, with Pirates of Venus, Lost on Venus and Carson of Venus,

in ‘B’ format:

Elizabeth MoonCrown of Renewal the 5th in her Paladin’s Legacy series
Will McIntoshDefenders to repel the aliens, mankind created a race of 17′ tall dedicated soldiers…
Tim WaggonerNight Terrors sometimes your dreams can become real. And your nightmares! Dark humour and urban fantasy

Rachel BachHonour’s Knight and Heaven’s Queen volumes 2 & 3 of her sf series that began with Fortune’s Pawn. Fast-moving sf adventure
Mark LawrenceEmperor of Thorns 3rd in the fantasy series that began with Prince of Thorns and King of Thorns

James BlishA Case of Conscience the latest in Gollancz‘s SF Masterworks series, about aliens and religion

Mike Ashley (editor) – The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF  back in after a long break…

in paperback:

Mercedes LackeySteadfast the 8th Elemental Masters novel
Simon R. GreenCasino Infernale – the 7th in his Secret Histories series…
D. B. JacksonThieves’ Quarry the sequel to Thieftaker, again set in a fantasy 18th Century Boston, a few years before the Revolution…
J. Kathleen CheneyThe Golden City in an alternate, fantasy Portugal, one of the sea-folk and a seer detective must work together…
Devon MonkTin Swift the 2nd in the Age of Steam series, sequel to Dead Iron
E. C. AmbroseElisha Barber the 1st in the Dark Apostle series, set in 14th C England with a young barber-surgeon who has an affinity for magic
Sarah CawkwellUprising part 1 of the Heirs of the Demon King, set in 16th C Wales as rebellion is planned…

Larry Niven & Matthew Joseph HarringtonThe Goliath Stone a giant meteor is on course to collide with the Earth… can a discontinued project help save it!
John BarnesThe Last President the 3rd Daybreak novel, about a future with no plastics
Ian DouglasDark Matter the 5th Star Carrier adventure…

Hunter SheaThe Montauk Monster weird creatures from a nearby research facility have escaped and are terrorising a small beach town…

Douglas Preston & Lincoln ChildWhite Fire the latest Pendergast mystery, with a Sherlock Holmes connection!
Clive Cussler & Graham BrownZero Hour the 11th Kurt Austin NUMA adventure
James Rollins & Rebecca CantrellInnocent Blood the 2nd in their Order of the Sanguines series, after last year’s The Blood Gospel

Star TrekOne Constant Star by David R. George III, set in The Lost Era (2319) with Captain Sulu

Greg CookGodzilla the official movie tie-in novel
art, etc:

Sam Parc (editor) – Visions of Mathematics well, it has full colour art in it, but this is more a science book with 50 articles by various scientists talking about the maths content of all sorts of topics!
Frederic Claquin (editor) – Artitude subtitled Contemporary Graphic Art and highlighting 31 current artists…
Pep Pentangeli (editor) – Soft Flesh and Orgies of Death softcover retrospective of various men’s adventure magazines, with (mainly) b&w art with reprinted articles and lurid fiction.

Brian Froud, Joshua Dysart (writer), Alex Sheikman & Lizzy John (artists) -  Jim Henson‘s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths II graphic novel h/c of the story before The Dark Crystal


Locus – May cover date; issue #640, with this year’s Hugo nominations
Juxtapoz – June cover date


Doctor WhoLast of the Colophon Fourth Doctor adventure #3.5 from Big Finish,
with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson
Doctor WhoTomb Ship the Fifth Doctor stars in adventure #186 from Big Finish. With Peter Davidson and Sarah Sutton

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New Titles – w/e 24th May 2014

in hardback:

Robert McCammonThe River of Souls the latest Matthew Corbett historical adventure, set in Carolina in 1703…

in large format:

Rich Horton (editor) – Space Opera 22 stories from some top authors; reprints. Mainly from magazines, but no dates showing when they first appeared. Fairly recently, I think.
Gregory BenfordGateway Omnibus the latest volume in this series by Gollancz. This one contains the novels Artifact, Cosm and Eater

in ‘B’ format:

Jack CampbellSteadfast the 4th of the Beyond the Frontier strand of his Lost Fleet  novels. Sequel to Guardian.

art, etc:

Enki BilalPhantoms of the Louvre English-language edition of his h/c book/catalogue tying in with his exhibition at the Louvre, which consisted of his adaptation of various paintings hung there


Black Static – issue #40
Interzone – issue #252 with lead story by Glasgow author Neil Williamson. Also a review of his first novel The Moon KIng (in stock now!) and an interview with him… Also reviews of the latest books from (fairly) locals Ken MacLeod and Eric Brown

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New Titles – w/e 17th May 2014

in hardback:

Charles DeLintJack in the Green signed & numbered limited edition from Subterranean Press. Dust jacket & interior illos. by Charles Vess
Trudi Canavan
- Thief’s Magic book 1 of her new Millennium’s Rule series; Tyen, a young archaeologist, unearths a sentient book which was once a sorcerer-bookbinder…
C. Robert CargillQueen of the Dark Things sequel to the excellent fantasy Dreams and Shadows
Eric BrownFamadihana on Fomalhaut IV small press (PS Publishing) novella; part one (I think) of his Telemass Quartet.

Eduardo GaleanoChildren of the Days subtitled ‘a calendar of human history‘ with an entry for every day of the year!

in large format:

Kristen BritainMirror Sight the 5th volume in her Green Rider series, featuring Karigan, a member of the royal messenger corps. She wakes up in a sealed sarcophagus and must escape…
Neil WilliamsonThe Moon King Glassholm is wracked by murders and revolution, and the ancient machine at the heart of the city is faltering…

Paula Guran (editor) – Magic City: Recent Spells two dozen stories from the past 13 years from authors such as Holly Black, Scott Lynch, Simon R. Green and Jim Butcher

in ‘b’ format:

Ramsey CampbellThe Inhabitant of the Lake & other unwelcome tenants short story collection

in paperback:

Alex ArcherGrendel’s Curse the 48th Rogue Angel adventure…
James AxlerEnd Program the 116th Death Lands adventure
James AxlerNecropolis the 69th Outlanders adventure

art, etc:

Matt StawickiHow to Draw and Paint Fantasy Combat the latest book on art techniques from Barron’s
Rob RegerEmily and the Strangers: The Battle of the Bands smart little hardback charting the adventures of Emily the Strange as she joins a band! Full colour.
Royden LeppDeath of Rocket Boy the 3rd in his Rust series; a hardback matching the 1st two books


Illustration – issue #44 appears to concentrate almost solely on the work of Walter M. Baumhofer

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New Titles – w/e 10th May 2014

in hardback:

Taylor AndersonDeadly Shores the 9th in the Destroyerman series, featuring a WW2 warship in a parallel world…
David DrakeThe Sea Without A Shore the 10th outing for one-time Lt. Leary, now Captain and chief troubleshooter for the Republic of Cinnabar’s Navy

Jeff VandermeerAuthority 2nd in the Southern Reach Trilogy that began a couple of months ago with Annihilation

Brian LumleyThe Compleat Crow the 11 Cthulhu Mythos-related Titus Crow stories, dating from the late 1960s to the mid 1980s. Nice Subterranean Press edition

in large format:

Seanan McGuireSparrow Hill Road Rose died in a car accident in 1952 but she’s still hitching across the country, helping people out while keeping one step ahead of her pursuer

in ‘B’ format:

Ben AaronovitchBroken Homes the 4th in his Peter Grant series, about strange goings-on in London

in paperback:

Taylor AndersonStorm Surge the 8th in the Destroyerman series, featuring a WW2 warship in a parallel world…
Gini KochAlien Collective the 9th in the series that began with Touched by an Alien

Douglas HulickSworn in Steel the sequel to fantasy novel Among Thieves
M. J. ScottFire Kin the 4th book set in the Half-Light City
Barb HendeeWitches in Red the sequel to The Mist-Torn Witches
S. Andrew SwannDragon Princess trying to rescue her, Frank has ended up in a princess’s body, and she’s now in a dragon’s body! And that may not be the worst of their problems!

William DietrichThe Barbed Crown the 6th in his Ethan Gage series, set amidst the upheavals of the Napoleonic Wars

art, etc:

Sam GartonI Am Otter great children’s hardback book featuring the antics of Otter and his friend Teddy. Otterkeeper also gets a look-in!


Galaxy’s Edge – issue #8, cover date May 2014


Doctor WhoThe Evil One Fourth Doctor adventure #3.4 from Big Finish, with Tom Baker and Louise Jamieson

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New Titles – w/e 3rd May 2014

in hardcover:

Edgar Rice BurroughsA Princess of Mars great-looking outsize leather-bound hardback of this seminal fantasy novel, gloriously illustrated by Michael Wm. Kaluta.

Melanie RawnThornlost 3rd in her Glass Thorns series, which began with Touchstone

McSweeney’sno.46 nice edition, with 13 new Latin American crime stories in it!

in ‘B’ format:

James LovegroveAge of Shiva the 7th in his Pantheon series
Maria V. SnyderTaste of Darkness the 3rd of her Army of Kazan fantasy novels…

in paperback:

A. A. AguirreSilver Mirrors 2nd in the Apparatus Infernum fantasy/steampunk crime series which began with Bronze Gods. Sounds fun!
Robert AsprinDragons Luck reprint of the 2009 2nd book in the series that began with Dragons Wild.

David WeberHouse of Steel 250+ page novel set in the early days of the Manticorean Star Kingdom, together with a 570 page Honorverse Companion with all you wanted to know about the series background…
Eric Flint & Ryk E. SpoorPortal 3rd in the series that began with Boundary and Threshold, although they’ce come a long way since volume one…

Ray GartonFrankenstorm a huge hurricane, combined with a deadly virus released from a secret laboratory…

Star TrekSerpents in the Garden an Original Series novel by Jeff Mariotte, set in 2273, a few months before the events of ST: The Motion Picture

art, etc:

Jane IrwinClockwork Game b&w graphic novel all about the chess-playing Mechanical Turk
Craig YoeAlice in Comicland hardback collection of various 1950s comics and comic strips featuring Alice, but not always in Wonderland. On Monkey Island; meeting Superman; on a flying saucer!! And my favourite, meeting Pogo Possum!

Humanoids graphic novel hardcovers:

Vann & EdithBasil & Victoria: London Guttersnipes Victorian-era adventures!
Patrick Galliano & others – Retroworld fantasy adventures adapted from the work of Julia Verlanger
Alexios Tjoyas & Nicholas de CrecyFoligatto weird fantasy
Sam Timel & CorentinMilan K. part one: The Teenage Years the youth of one of th world’s richest men, dedicated to fighting oppression with his own brand of tactics and methods!


Locus – April cover date, 46th anniversary issue with Daryl Gregory on the cover (his new book cvame in last week!)
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller – #33, with Daleks on the cover!

Juxtapoz – May 2014 cover date
Heavy Metal – issue #268


Doctor WhoMoonflesh #185 in the Big Finish audio adventures, with Peter Davidson and Sarah Sutton

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New Titles – w/e 26th April 2014

in hardcover:

Daryl GregoryAfterparty the aftermath of the home-made smart drug revolution. I’ve really liked his previous books…

Terry Pratchett & Neil GaimanGood Omens nice little budget hardback of their collaborative novel

in large format:

David WingroveThe Empire of Time complex ‘time wars’ novel spanning millennia!

in ‘B’ format:

Raymond E. FeistMagician’s End the final (30th?) volume of the saga that began with Magician back in 1982. On a shorter scale, it’s also part 3 of The Chaos War Saga
Stella GemmellThe City solo fantasy novel by the widow of David Gemmell. She co-wrote several of his final books; I was impressed by this when it was in hardback last year

Robert J. SawyerRed Planet Blues Lomax is the only P.I. in New Klondike on Mars…
Frederik PohlJem re-issue of his  1979 novel about the power struggle for control of a newly discovered inhabitable planet. The latest in the Gollancz SF Masterworks series.
Kim NewmanLife’s Lottery re-issue of his 1999 ‘choose your own adventure’ novel. about the choices you make in life.

art, etc:

Brian KesingerWalking Your Octopus subtitled ‘a guide to the domesticated cephalopod‘. Handy tips and some great art for the Victorian owner of a pet octopus!

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New Titles – w/e 19th April 2014

in hardback:

Rjurik DavidsonUnwrapped Sky three Houses rule an ancient damaged city where technology is indistinguishable from magic but change is coming…
Karl SchroederLockstep life in a sub-Lightspeed travel interstellar civilisation! Toby wakes up from coldsleep and finds it’s not a few weeks, but thousands of years later…

in large format:

A. J. DaltonTithe of the Saviours 3rd in his Saviours series, after Empire of the Saviours and Gateway of the Saviours. Epic fantasy

in ‘B’ format:

Maurice DruonThe Iron King the 1st in The Accursed Kings, the series that helped inspire A Song of Ice and Fire! Parts 2 & 3 came in last week…

art, etc:

Game of ThronesA Pop-Up Guide to Westeros incredibly complex pop-up book which also folds out to become a map of Westeros, with all it’s pop-ups in the right places!

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New Titles – w/e 12th April 2014

in hardback:

Gregory Benford & Larry NivenShipstar the sequel to Bowl of Heaven, about an immense alien artifact a human mission is investigating…

David Weber & Eric FlintCauldron of Ghosts the latest advernture set in Weber’s Honorverse; sequel to their earlier Crown af Slaves and Torch of Freedom volumes…

Jasper FfordeThe Eye of Zoltar the 3rd in his Last Dragonslayer set!
Rebecca HuntEverland three researchers set off on a Centenary field trip to re-visit a remote Antarctic island

A. C. H. SmithJim Henson‘s Labyrinth novelisation of the film, with copies of Jim Henson‘s had-written notes at the end, together with 16 pages of apparently previously unseen art and sketches by Brian Froud

in large format:

Robert BuettnerBalance Point 3rd in his Overkill series…

in ‘B’ format:

Tanya HuffValour’s Trial the 4th in the series featuring Gunnery Sargeant Torin Kerr
Paul McAuleyEvening’s Empire set in the same background as The Quiet War and Gardens of the Sun
E. J. SwiftOsiris on a devastated near-future Earth, socialite Adelaide and one time refugee Vikram work to prevent chaos and disorder spreading. Part 1 of The Osiris Project
Max BarryLexicon words have power. Great power!

Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane fantasy; it won the UK’s National Book Award last year when it came out in hardcover

Naomi NovikBlood of Tyrants 8th in her ‘Napoleonic Dragons’ Temeraire series…
Tanya HuffThe Wild Ways fantasy companion to The Enchantment Emporium, about a family of present day witches…
John BoyneThis House is Haunted in 1867 someone, or something, tries to push new governess Eliza in front of a train, and after that the gothic weirdness gets weirder!

Maurice DruonThe Strangled Queen and The Poisoned Crown volumes 2 & 3 of the Accursed Kings historical septet that helped inspire George R. R. Martin to write A Song of Ice and Fire. When I ordered them my supplier had v1 in stock as well!

art, etc:

Adrian TomineNew York Drawings sketches and illustrations of city life and characters. Hardback, mainly colour
Edward Reed – A School of Mermaids full colour marmaids from SQP
Claudio AboyThe Art of CA vol 2 b&w art from SQP
Claudio AboyVoluptuous and Seduction two more b&w albums of his art from SQP

Chris LackeyTransreality full colour graphic novel set in the near future where everything about your life is programmable!


Locus – March cover date, #638
Hi Fructose – #31, with a 16 page extra insert
Illustrators – #6, with features on Graham Coton and Walter Wyles


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New Titles – w/e 5th April 2014

in hardback:

Lewis DartnellThe Knowledge the subtitle says it all! ‘How to Rebuild our World from Scratch‘ Loads of useful information, starting with how to cope with the immediate aftermath of a collapse of some sort…

C. J. CherryhPeacemaker the 3rd of the 5th Foreigner trilogy; the 15th overall!
Charles De LintThe Cats of Tanglewood Forest YA book with loads of colour illustrations by Charles Vess
Charles De Lint – Seven Wild Sisters YA book profusely illustrated in colour by Charles Vess; sequel to The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, with the niece of the original young heroine

in large format:

A. Bertram ChandlerUpon a Sea of Stars the 5th John Grimes omnibus, collecting Into the Alternate Universe, Contraband from Otherspace, The Rim Gods and The Commodore at Sea

in ‘B’ format:

Neal AsherJupiter War the 3rd Owner novel, following on from The Departure and Zero Point

in paperback:

C. J. CherryhProtector the 14th (the middle one of the 5th trilogy) in her long-running Foreigner series
Lynn FlewellingShards of Time the 7th and apparently final book in her Nightrunner series
John MarcoThe Forever Knight the 4th in his Bronze Knight series, although this is set some time after the original trilogy…

Devon MonkStone Cold the 2nd Broken Magic adventure, the sequel to Hell Bent. Shayne & Terric have to work together to use their magic to defeat a magical black op being developed by the government…

Alex HughesMarked Adam is a telepath freelancing for the Atlanta police and also sometimes for the Guild he was kicked out of… The 3rd Mindspace Investigations novel

Star WarsInto the Void the latest Dawn of the Jedi novel, from Tim Lebbon


Doctor WhoThe Brood of Erys Big Finish adventure #183, with Colin Baker
Doctor WhoScavenger Big Finish adventure #184, with Colin Baker
Doctor WhoThe Crooked Man Big Finish  Forth Doctor adventure #3.3, with Tom Baker

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