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New Titles – w/e 22nd February 2014

in large format:

Anne LeonardMoth and Spark Prince Corin has the unenviable task of releasing the Empire’s dragons from their service to it. But nobody knows how this might be done!
Leena KrohnDatura (or a delusion we all see) Finnish novel featuring a journalist explores a bizarre, changing city. Eating Datura seeds might be partially to blame, or maybe the untranslatable Voynich Manuscript!

Paul McAuleyConfluence large omnibus edition of his late 1990s trilogy set on the banks of an incredible long river. Yama sets out down it to discover it’s secrets… Contains Child of the River, Ancients of Days and Shrine of Stars, together with two related short stories.

in ‘B’ format:

Anthony RyanBlood Song volume one of Raven’s Shadow; Vaelin is being trained to protect the Realm and the Faith, and war is looming…
Simon MordenArcanum helped by magic, a thousand years ago the armies of Carinthia crushed the Roman Empire. But now their magic is failing…
Liliana Bodoc – The Days of the Deer the omens say a war fleet will come, but whose side will they be on…?
Nathan Long – Jane Carver of Waar an ex-military biker chick wakes up on a savage planet… A swashbuckling parody

Jay MartelChannel Blue once, Galaxy Entertainment couldn’t screen enough of the strange goings on of Earth people, but now their ratings are flagging and they need a spectacular boost for the final episode… it doesn’t bode well for Earth!
John MeaneyResonance the 3rd of of his Ragnarok trilogy, which began with Absorption and Transmission

Robert GalbraithThe Cuckoo’s Calling contemporary crime novel by the author better known as J. K. Rowling.

art, etc:

Brian & Wendy FroudThe Heart of Faerie Oracle contains a deck of cards with art by the Frouds and a book explaining their use and meaning. Similar to their previous publication The Faerie Oracle.

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New Titles – w/e 15th February 2014

in hardcover:

Allen SteeleV-S Day alternate history with von Braun making orbital weapons rather than early ballistic missiles, and the US has to respond…
Locus review
William R. ForstchenPillar to the Sky the world is running out of resources and only a space elevator can solve the problems!

Andy WeirThe Martian a manned Mars mission goes horribly wrong and no-one realises there is a survivor on the surface…

David EdisonThe Waking Engine everybody eventually ends up at the City Unspoken but madness is spreading and infecting everyone…
Ramona WheelerThree Princes alternate history where the Egyptian Empire took over the Roman one and still persists today…

Barbara HamblyThe Magistrates of Hell the 4th James Asher novel…
Barbara Hambly -The Kindred of Darkness the 5th James Asher vampire novel

in large format:

Christopher Golden (editor) – Dark Duets 17 new horror & dark fantasy stories from the likes of Rachel Caine, Joe Lansdale and Robert jackson Bennett
Ramsey Campbell
- Holes for Faces new short story collection
Graham McNeill
- False Gods the latest Horus Heresy novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 background

Adrian LesterMammoths: Ice Age Giants the Natural History Museum‘s book all about mammoths and the age they lived in

in ‘B’ format:

Daniel AbrahamThe Tyrant’s Law volume 3 of The Dagger and the Coin. Epic fantasy.
Paul KearneyA Different Kingdom Michael lives with his grandparents in Northern Ireland and knows there are wolves in the nearby woods. And stranger things, too…
Garry KilworthAttica 3 children start to explore the attic of their new home, but it’s no ordinary attic! Treasures, dreams, traps, visions, monsters…
Phillip MannThe Disestablishment of Paradise the colony planet is just too dangerous to stay on, but some of the colonists are determined to try to make it work

Hugh HoweyDust the 3rd in the series that began with Wool and Shift
Ian DouglessAbyss Deep the 2nd in his Star Corpsman series
George R. R. MartinTuf Voyaging reprint of the stories about an honest space trader with grand ambitions…
Myke ColeBreach Zone the 3rd Shadow Ops adventure
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonAwakening the 2nd in their Hellhole trilogy, set on a planet almost impossible to live on…
Steve BerryThe King’s Deception thriller with a (fairly) ancient secret concerning the Tudors…

in paperback:

Jennifer RobersonSword-Bound the 7th Tiger and Del novel
Robert AsprinDragons Wild reprint of the 1st book in the series
Chris Marie GreenOnly the Good Die Young the 1st in a new series about Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire
Warren FahyPandemonium from the author of Fragment; ancient isoloated cave systems are discovered with never before seen lifeforms living there…
S. M. StirlingShadows of Falling Night the 3rd in his Shadowspawn series
F. Paul WilsonNightworld the 16th Repairman Jack adventure…

R. A. SalvatoreThe Companions the 4th in the D&D Forgotten Realms series The Sundering

James AxlerWings of Death the 61st Outlanders adventure


Galaxy’s Edge – #6

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New Titles – w/e 8th February 2014

in hardcover:

John RingoTo Sail A Darkling Sea the 2nd of his post-apocalyptic zombie series Black Tide Rising. The 1st was Under a Graveyard Sky

Ian McDonaldEmpress of the Sun the 3rd in his Planesrunner steampunk series…

in large format:

Louise G. WhiteThe Calling after Carolyn’s family go missing through a hole in the kitchen wall to another dimension she trains to become a Rescuer…

Edmund CooperGateway Omnibus with the 3 novels Cloud Walker, All Fools’ Day and A Far Sunset

in ‘B’ format:

Naomi FoyleSeoul Survivors in South Korea Dr. Kim Da Mi has found a solution to save the human race from the end of the world…
Rachel BachFortune’s Pawn Devi Morris is a mercenary with big plans and a hitch on a dodgy space freighter will bring her closer to achieving them… Volume 1 of Paradox

Jo WaltonFarthing, Ha’penny and Half a Cown smart-looking re-issues of her alternate history series, set in te late 1940s after Britain sued for peace with Germany

Adrian TchaikovskyWar Master’s Gate the 9th in his Shadows of the Apt series
A. J. SmithThe Black Guard The First Chronicle of the Long War fantasy series; it seems to contain the first 2 books of a quartet.
Elspeth CooperTrinity Rising sequel to Songs of the Earth; part 2 of The Wild Hunt
Patricia BriggsFrost Burned the 7th Mercy Thomson novel
Marie BrennanA Natural History of Dragons the memoirs of Lady Trent, the esteemed dragon naturalist (i.e. she studies dragons, not that she is a dragon!)

Doctor WhoHarvest of Time new adventure by Alastair Reynolds with The Doctor, Jo and UNIT…

in paperback:

James RollinsThe Eye of God the 9th non-stop Sigma Force thriller, racing to save the world.
M. L. BrennanGeneration V Scott’s life is fairly messed up, and on top of that, he’s a vampire! The sequel came in a couple of weeks ago…

art, etc:

George R. R. Martin & various artists – The Hedge Knight the collected 6-issue comic mini-series of the prequel novella to A Game of Thrones. Includes alternate covers and sketches.

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New Titles – w/e 1st February 2014

in hardcover:

James L. CambiasA Darkling Sea on a distant planet humans are exploring the sea under a worldwide icesheet. But there are also aliens there…

in large format:

Shawn HarmonFever Medicine illustrated sf novel about the law and bioethics in the future! Art by Mara Aum, Sky Chase & Kevin Allen.

Miles CameronThe Fell Sword sequel to The Red Knight, one of my favourite fantasy novels last year. The Red Knight and his companions venture across the sea to the Empire, where his services are required…

Ariel DjanikanThe Office of Mercy Natasha gains a place on a crack team about to venture Outside from their underground utopia to the ruined Earth above…
Brian StablefordThe Cthulhu Encryption pirates and Cthulhu, with Auguste Dupin and the Comte de Saint-Germain

Pat CadiganGateway Omnibus edition from Orion, containing Mindplayers, Fools and Tea From an Empty Cup
Henry KuttnerGateway Omnibus with the three books Fury, Mutant and  collection The Best of Henry Kuttner with 17 of his best stories.
Clifford D. SimakGateway Omnibus with Time is the Simplest Thing, Way Station and A Choice of Gods
John SladekGateway Omnibus of 3 novels; The Reproductive System, The Muller-Fokker Effect and Tik-Tok
E. C. TubbGateway Omnibus with Extra Man, The Space Born and the posthunously-published Fires of Satan. (None of these are Dumarest novels!)

in ‘B’ format:

Kate AtkinsonLife After Life engrossing novel of alternate histories of the 20th C. I thought it was excellent.
Tanya HuffThe Heart of Valour the 3rd Confederation novel, about Marine Corp sargeant Torin Kerr and another tricky mission
Kameron HurleyGod’s War war has raged for centuries and bounty hunter Nyx is  hired for a covert mission against the alien foe.
Jasper KentThe People’s Will the 4th in the historical vampire series set in 1880s Russia. The 1st was Twelve.

art, etc:

Ben DunnPaper Cuts: The Collected Art of BD mainly b&w with a colour section at the beginning
Mike Schneider (editor) – Steampunk Originals 28 graphic shorts in all sorts of styles
Marco Nizzoli & Michelangelo La NeveDay of the Magicians soft-cover graphic novel from Humanoids

magazines, etc:

Interzone – #250 quite a milestone for a British sf magazine!
Locus – issue #636 Stephen Baxter on the cover
Hi- Fructose – issue #30
Juxtapoz – February cover date; issue #157


Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit Map mirror.  It’s a rather nice 12″ x 8″ black-framed mirror, with the Hobbit map on it.

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New Titles – w/e 25th January 2014

in large format:

Simon IngsWolves near future tale set in the media and advertising worlds

Simon R. GreenOnce in a Blue Moon the latest Hawk and Fisher novel, although it also appears to be volume 4 of the Forest Kingdom series. But it’s been a long time anyway, however you count it.

McSweeney’s #45 – Hitchcock and Bradbury Fistfight in Heaven consisting mainly of short stories culled from anthologies edited by Bradbury and Hitchcock. Plus 4 modern stories from the likes of China Mieville. Some excellent looking stuff.

in ‘B’ format:

C. Robert CargillDreams and Shadows present day fantasy involving changelings, and much more. A bit like John Crowley; I really liked the h/c last year
Andrzej SapkowskiTime of Contempt latest in the fantasy series that began with The Last Wish. Translated from Polish by David French

Tanya HuffThe Enchantment Emporium unemployed Alice inherits a junk shop far away from her constricting family…
Christopher BrookmyreBedlam Ross volunteers to test some new tech for his employer but finds himself trapped in a VR game…

Tim LebbonOut of the Shadows a brand new authorised Alien novel!
Greig BeckDark Rising ancient artifact thriller featuring Alex Hunter; sequel to Beneath the Black Ice

Andy Frankham-AllenCompanions: An Unofficial Guide 50 years of Doctor Who assistants. Feels very comprehensive and includes Expanded Universe references, but, sadly, no pictures. Or index; it’s all listed by Doctor.

in paperback:

Alex ArcherTreasure of Lima the 46th adventure featuring the Rogue Angel
James AxlerSiren Song the 69th post-apocalyptic adventure in the Death Lands

art, etc:

PeyoThe Smurfs Anthology vol 2 full colour hardcover. It should have arrived before Christmas…


Black Static – #38, cover date Jan?Feb 2014. Fiction and reviews


Doctor WhoAfterlife Big Finish adventure  #181, with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred
Doctor WhoThe King of Sontar the latest Fourth Doctor adventure (#3.10) from Big Finish. With Tom Baker and Louise Jamieson

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New Titles – w/e 18th January 2014

in hardback:

Adam RobertsTwenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea a re-imagining of Verne’s classic, with illustrations in b&w by Mehendra Singh. France’s 1st nuclear submarine dives but no matter how deep she goes, how far beyond crush depth, the bottom can’t be found… looks great fun.

Gene WolfeThe Land Across a travel writer wants to write the first guide to a very obscure little European country with a Kafkaesque bureaucracy…

Edmond HamiltonThe Reign of the Robots volume 4 of his collected stories from Haffner Press
Edmond HamiltonThe Collected Captain Future Volume Three from Haffner Press

Jo WaltonWhat Makes This Book Great 130 essays on sf&f classics (and others) from the award-winning author and critic.

in large format:

John C. WrightThe Hermetic Millenia sequel to Count to a Trillion post-human genius Montrose is in cryogenic suspension awaiting a challenge he knows is coming far in the future. But his talents are required before then…
Christopher GoldenSnow Blind the small town of Coventry, MA suffered a huge storm 12 years ago, and now they’re expecting an even worse one – much worse…
Gemma FilesA Book of Tongues weird western, book 1 of the Hexslinger series about an undercover Pinkerton agent

Carolyn Ives GilmanThe Ice Owl novella set in her Twenty Planets background (like Arkfall) I got in because I liked Arkfall a lot.

Algis BudrysGateway Omnibus containing the novels The Iron Thorn, Michaelmas and Hard Landing
Garry KilworthGateway Omnibus with the trilogy The Roof of Voyaging, The Princely Flower and Land-of-Mists, which he considers to be among his best work
C. L. MooreGateway Omnibus from Orion with Jirel of Joiry, Northwest of Earth and Judgement Night. Essentially 3 short story collections with her 2 best known characters and also the best from her other work.

Darrell SchweitzerSpeaking of the Fantastic book of 13 interviews with the likes of Leiber, Simmons, Brunner & Holdstock which Schweitzer carried out in the 1990s

in ‘B’ format:

Maggie FureyExodus of the Xandem sequel to 2009′s Heritage of the Xandem
Christopher GoldenKing of Hell a new Peter Octavian novel; he must try to rescue his friends, some of whom he inadvertently betrayed years ago…
Guy AdamsOnce Upon a Time in Hell sequel to The Good, the Bad and the Infernal; Heaven’s Gate trilogy volume 2
Peter HigginsWolfhound Century corruption is rife in the police state of Vlast and it may be related to the ancient secret hidden beneath the central police station… and a fallen Angel is stirring hundreds of miles to the east…
Tom LloydThe God Tattoo short stories set in the land of his Twilight Reign novels

Philip K. DickDr. Bloodmoney post-WW3 novel writen in 1965. Subtitled Or How We Got Along After The Bomb

art, etc:

Vincent Zhoa (editor) – Fantasy+ #5 latest in the series that now rivals Spectrum as an annual look at the fantastic in art. From Cypi Press
CG Galaxy: Top Chinese CG Artists and Their Works some excellent stuff, with the emphasis on characters rather than landscapes, etc. Also from Cypi Press
Aunja Kahn & Russel J. Moon (editors) – Lowbrow Tarot all sorts of tarot card art from a variety of artists… hardcover
Mitch ByrdWomen, Dinosaurs and Random Illustrations vol 1 b&w sketches of (mainly) dinos, women and astronauts!

Herman MelvilleMoby-Dick a manga version from Variety Art Works nice little b&w edition
H. G. WellsThe War of the Worlds a manga version from Variety Art Works nice little b&w edition


Locus – December 2013 cover date; issue #635 with coverage of Brighton’s recent World Fantasy Convention
Illustration – issue #23 highlighting the work of Henry Patrick Raleigh and also Victor Kalin (by his daughter)
Heavy Metal – issue #266

Comics Revue – December 2013 their latest collection of old comic strips, from Flash Gordon and Tarzan to Modesty Blaise and Alley Oop! Some in colour

games, etc:

Plush USS Enterprise 25cm soft Star Trek model/toy (NCC-1701)

Ender’s GameBattle School: The Board Game. All you need to play as either Ender Wiggen and his Dragon Army or Bonzo Madrid and the Salamander Army!

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New Titles – w/e 11th January 2014

in hardback:

Joe HaldemanWork Done for Hire ex-military sniper turned struggling author Jack finds his 2 careers converging…

in large format:

Iver P. Cooper1636: Seas of Fortune the latest in Eric Flint‘s Ring of Fire series, this time without Flint!

in ‘B’ format:

Laura LamShadowplay sequel to Pantomime; fantasy featuring ex-circus performer Micah Grey

in paperback:

Barb & J. C. HendeeThe Dog in the Dark the latest of their Noble Dead novels
Faith HunterBlack Arts the 7th Jane Yellowknife novel
M. L. BrennanIron Night the 2nd Generation V adventure, about a film theory graduate cum waiter who’s also a fledgling vampire…
D. K. Mok – The Other Tree interesting sounding ancient artifact thriller

Irene RadfordThe Broken Dragon volume 2 of The Children of the Dragon Nimbus


Enki Bilalles fantomes du Louvre hardback with all his art from his recent exhibition in the Louvre. Fascinating images of famous artworks, reworked by Bilal. Text in French

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New Titles – w/e 2nd January 2014

In large format:

Maria V. SnyderTaste of Darkness this appears to be part 3 of her Healer series
Elizabeth HandErrantry 10 short stories dating from 2007 on

In ‘B’ format:

Terry BrooksWitch Wraith volume 3 of The Dark Legacy of Shannara which, if you include the Word and the Void trilogy, is the 25th Shannara book since 1977!
Chuck WendigThe Cormorant the 3rd Miriam Black book


Robert Jordan & Brandon SandersonA Memory of Light the 14th and final book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time cycle
K. J. TaylorThe Shadowed Throne the 2nd in The Risen Sun fantasy series

Emma Jane HollowayA Study in Ashes the 3rd in her Baskerville Affair series. Steampunk with Sherlock Holmes’ niece
Lisa ShearinThe Grendal Affair the 1st SPI-Files adventure; Makenna isn’t just a struggling journalist, she also works for Supernatural Protection & Investigations and can see through any disguise

Ben BovaFarside a habitable extra-solar planet is being studied by scientists manning a moon-based telescope
Steve PerryThe Vastalimi Gambit sequel to The Ramal Extraction and the 2nd volume in his Cutter’s Wars series

Gareth L. PowellHive Monkey the sequel to Ack-Ack Macaque. Ack-Ack is working as a pilot on a nuclear-powerd zeppelin on a world cruise…

Sherwin TjiaYou are a Cat in the Zombie Apocalypse a ‘Pick-a-Plot‘ adventure book where you decide how the action plays out. Akin to ‘Fighting Fantasy’ books.

art, etc:

Scott Robertson with Thomsa BertlingHow to Draw subtitled (deep breath!) Drawing and Sketching Objects and Enviroments from Your Imagination softcover with mainly b&w sketches but also some colour pages. Looks very good.

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusPlanet DiFool part two of The Fifth Essence story. Large, numbered limited edition of 1,000

That’s it for this year! But hopefully some new titles after I re-open on Friday before the weekend! In the meantime, Transreal Fiction will close late Tuesday afternoon and re-open on Friday the 3rd.

Happy New Year when it comes!

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Christmas Knitting

My shop christmas tree received it’s final decorations this morning!
It now has 13 little yellow and black knitted trefoils to go with all the other mathy designs and shapes…


There are 13 because that’s next in the Fibonacchi sequence of numbers of types of knitted mathematical decorations – and the colours are split 5 and 8!
Full explanation on the artist’s blog here.

And we’ll be open tomorrow (Christmas Eve) from 11.00 until late aftertnoon sometime. Then I’m off home! Merry Christmas!

Open again at 11.00 on Friday.

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New Titles – w/e 21st December 2013

in hardback:

Kersten HamiltonThe Mesmer Menace fun little children’s book about a boy inventor and his faithful dachshund!

large format:

Jacqueline Koyanagi- Ascension spaceship engineer Alana stows away on a run-down starship which seems to be looking for her lost sister…  The 1st Tangled Axon book
K. M. RuizStrykers long after a nuclear war, an army of mutated humans preotect the rich as they prepare to finally flee Earth

Kersten HamiltonTyger Tyger book 1 of The Goblin Wars. Abbey’s dreams seem to be coming true, and that’s definitely not good!

James P. BlaylockGateway Omnibus three of his classic novels, repackaged by Orion. The Last Coin, The Paper Grail and All the Bells of Earth. Each of them was short-listed for the World Fantasy Award. I should have had this a while ago but my order was inadvertently cancelled somehow…

in ‘B’ format:

Tom HoltWhen It’s A Jar Maurice definitely isn’t a hero but has just killed a dragon, and elsewhere a man wakes up trapped in a (presumably giant) jar…
Philip Jose FarmerVenus on the Half-Shell originally published as by Kilgore Trout, the Vonnegut character

Adam RobertsAdam Robots two dozen short stories

in paperback:

William C. DietzAndromeda’s Fall the latest adventure for the Legion of the Damned!
Deborah J. RossShannivar the sequel to The Seven-Petaled Shield

art, etc:

Farlaine the GoblinThe Racelands b&w softcover about the adventures of roaming shamanic goblin Farlaine!


Illustrators – issue #5 the UK magazine about 20th C commercial and magazine art
Juxtapoz – December cover date
Juxtapoz – January 2014 cover date

Galaxy’s Edge – issues #1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 A new bi-monthly sf short story magazine! Mainly fiction but some book reviews as well. The 1st three issues contain the serialisation of Daniel F. Galouye‘s classic Dark Universe – and a lot more besides!

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