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New Titles – w/e 13th September 2014

in hardcover:

Gary GibsonExtinction Game the lone survivors of various catastrophe-struck alternate Earths are gathered for a special mission…
Steven GouldExo the latest of his Jumper novels and a direct sequel to Impulse. Cent wants to explore the limits of her talent…
Lisa TuttleThe Mysteries Laura’s daughter went missing 2 years ago and the police have given up. A PI starts to unravel the strange mystery of where she’s gone…

Ed Finn & Kathryn Kramer (editors) – Hieroglyph anthology of 17 new near-future sf works by the likes of Doctorow, Sterling, Rucker, Stephenson and more, all of which express ‘techno-optimism’. Looks very good.

Doctor WhoThe Crawling Terror 12th Doctor novel by Mike Tucker
Doctor WhoSilhouette 12th Doctor novel by Justin Richards
Doctor WhoThe Blood Cell 12th Doctor novel by James Goss

Randall MunroeWhat If? from the creator of the xkcd webcomic. ‘Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions.’ Great stuff!

in large format:

Chris Evans & Roy KettleFuture Perfect 50 years after his disappearance everybody seems to be after forgotten sf novelist Leo Parrish’s work…
John ScalziLock-In a virus leaves 1% of the population ‘locked-in’ and unable to communicate. 25 years later some progress has been made in VR environments for them, and certain healthy people can allow them use of their bodies for various reasons…

Jeff Conner & Scott Dunbier (editors) – Rocketeer: Jetpack Adventures 10 prose stories featuring the late Dave Stevens‘ best known hero!
Roz Clarke & Joanne Hall (editors) – Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion steampunk anthology of 14 stories set in, around and above the city of Bristol!

Sharona MuirInvisible Beasts short stories about strange animals!

in ‘B’ format:

Lilith SaintcrowThe Ripper Affair  3rd of the Bannon & Clare steampunk adventures. They began with The Iron Wyrm Affair

in paperback:

James A. MooreAlien: Sea of Sorrow
James AxlerBlood Red Tide the latest Deathlands adventure
Alex ArcherCeltic Fire the latest Rogue Angel escapade

art, etc:

Sarah BeachCreating Graphic Novels 17 chapters covering all the stages in producing sequential art

Mauri KunnasBeatles with an ‘a’: Birth of a Band hardcover graphic novel of the band’s origins and early days, up until the recording of Please Please Me.

Alexandro Jodorowsky & MoebiusThe Eyes of the Cat (yellow edition) their first collaboration after AJ’s Dune project fell apart. Hardback from Humanoids
Alexandro Jodorowsky & Fred BeltranMegaplex new h/c edition from Humanoids of the far future sf graphic novel


Heavy Metal – issue #270; October cover date
Juxtapoz – October cover date


Morta Hari & the Vampires of the Moulin Rouge 2015 wall calendar

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New Titles – w/e 6th September 2014

in hardback:

Jeff VandermeerAcceptance the climax to his ground-breaking Southern Reach trilogy
David MitchellThe Bone Clocks complex new novel from the author of Cloud Atlas

Tony Daniel & David DrakeThe Savior the 10th volume in their General series Abel Dashian must destroy the ancient AI which is inhibiting progress on the planet…
S. M. StirlingThe Golden Princess the 11th book in his Change series

Wen SpencerWood Sprites the 4th in the series that began with Tinker
Tad WilliamsSleeping Late on Judgment Day the 3rd of the Bobby Dollar books about an Earth-bound angel
Patricia BriggsShifting Shadows short story collection set in the world of Mercy Thompson

in large format:

Jody Lynn NyeFortunes of the Imperium sequel to her Fortunes of the Imperium. Lord Thomas is sent on a mission to stop smuggling to an enemy of the Empire…

Nancy KressYesterday’s Kin aliens have been on Earth for several months, and finally announce why they’ve come.
Tim PrattHeirs of Grace art school graduate Bekah inherits a house full of strange furniture, and she discovers previously unknown relatives who want it!
Cherie PriestMaplecroft the 1st of the Borden Chronicles, a gothic Victorian series based loosely on events after the famous Lizzie Borden murder case

David DrakeDinosaurs & a Dirigible collection of 5 lengthy short stories. Sadly, I don’t thing dinos and airships actually appear together in any of the stories…

in ‘B’ format:

Sebastien de CastellTraitor’s Blade the royal guard has been disbanded and three of them are working as bodyguards, but there’s a conspiracy afoot…
Seanan McGuireThe Winter Long the 8th October Day adventure
Benedict JackaHidden the 5th case for Alex Verus
Daniel H. WilsonRobogenesis sequel to Robopocalypse

Clark Ashton SmithThe Dark Eidolon and Other Fantasies at last! He’s made it into a Penguin Classics edition of the best of his prose and poetry

in paperback:

Steve BeinYear of the Demon the 2nd book in his Fated Blades series. Sequel to Daughter of the Sword
Devon MonkHouse Immortal the 1st in a new series featuring a Frankenstein’s monster-like girl called Matilda. She’s one of thirteen similar creations known as the Galvanised

Barbara AshfordSpells at the Crossroads omnibus edition of Spellcast and Spellcrossed, about magic and life in a small-town theatre company

R. A. SalvatoreNight of the Hunter the 1st in a new D&D Forgotten Realms series called the Companions Codex


Doctor WhoRevenge of the Swarm the latest adventure from Big Finish (#189) with Sylvester McCoy and Sophis Aldred
Doctor WhoZygon Hunt Fourth Doctor adventure #3.8 from Big Finish. With Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

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New Titles – w/e 30th August 2014

in hardcover:

Peter WattsEchopraxia new sf novel set in the same world as Blindsight
John ScalziLock-In a virus leaves 1% of the population ‘locked-in’ and unable to communicate. 25 years later some progress has been made in VR environments for them, and certain healthy people can allow them use of their bodies for various reasons…
Richard KadreyThe Getaway God the 5th Sandman Slim novel

in large format:

Ian Whales (editor) – Paradox 15 short stories based around the Fermi paradox (about why we’ve not encountered aliens yet, if they are so many of them out there)

in ‘B’ format:

Ben CounterThe Grey Knights Omnibus a Warhammer 40,000 volume with Grey Knights, Dark Adeptus and Hammer of Daemons

in paperback:

Lois McMaster BujoldCaptain Vorpatril’s Alliance the latest book in her Vorkosigan Saga
David WeberBeginnings: Worlds of Honor #6 5 substantail stories including 2 by Weber. A couple would count as short novels…

Robert Charles WilsonBurning Paradise alternate history where there was an Amnesty in 1914 and the world has pretty much stagnated ever since, although that may not be entirely humanity’s fault!
Steven Brust & Skyler WhiteThe Incrementalists an ancient secret society is working behind the scenes to change things for the better. But slowly. Very slowly.

Rod DuncanThe Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire #1. Steampunk romp
Simon R. GreenVoices From Beyond the 5th Ghost Finders adventure…
Carrie VaughnKittty’s Greatest Hits 14 short stories featuring the one-time late night DJ…

Emily GeeThe Fire Prince sequel to The Sentinel Mage
Sharon ShinnRoyal Airs book 2 of her Elemental Blessings series, which began with Troubled Waters

art, etc:

Design Studio PresentsThe Skillful Huntsman step-by-step guide to the visual
development of a Brothers Grimm tale
Patrick J. JonesSci-Fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques great looking book with detailed notes and multiple pictures showing a painting’s progress. Mainly about figure painting and with a foreword by Boris.
John Paul LoweFoundations in Comic Book Art from the basics to the finished art

Neil Gaiman & Gris GrimlyThe Dangerous Alphabet rhyming alphabet book with pirates, ghosts and fun art!
Daniel Sean KayeNever Underestimate a Hermit Crab b&w cartoons extolling the virtues of hermit crabs!

Dan LockwoodThe Lovecraft Anthology volume I back in stock; 7 of his stories retold in graphic form by various artists…
Dan LockwoodThe Lovecraft Anthology volume II back in stock; 9 of his stories retold in graphic form by various artists…

magazines, etc:

Locus – June cover date with Joe Abercrombie on the cover
Locus – August cover date, featuring Ian McDonald and Ann Leckie

Juxtapoz – September 2014 cover date

Brick Journal – issue 30 of the Lego magazine

wall calendars:

Terry PratchettDiscworld Collector’s Edition 2015, illustrated by Stephen Player
Boris Vallejo & Julie BellFantasy Calendar 2015
Jeffrey BrownStar Wars: Vader’s Little Princess


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New Titles – w/e 23rd August 2014

in hardback:

Charles StrossEquoid a Laundry Files novella from Subterranean Press.  I was short supplied and it just won the Hugo for best novella, so stock may not last long…
Signed copies soon!

in large format:

David Weber & John RingoThrone of Stars omnibus edition of the 3rd & 4th Empire of Man novels, March to the Stars and We Few, both from around 10 years ago. Volume one with books 1 & 2 back in next week…


Nie YoujiaBeyond Graphics: Mixed Media Illustrations by Contemporary Artists from Cypi Press

Terry PratchettDiscworld Diary 2015 A5 hardback diary compiled with the aid of the Discworld Emporium team

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New Titles – w/e 16th August 2014

in hardcover:

Patrick SwensonThe Ultra Thin Man large scale crime and conspiracies as two detectives try to discover who is responsible for crashing a distant planet’s moon into it’s planet…
Lucius ShepherdBeautiful Blood the late auther’s final novel and his only novel length work about the Dragon Griaule. Limited, numbered edition from Subterranean Press
Nichola GriffithHeld historical novel set in 7th C northern England about a king’s niece later to be known as  Saint Hilda of Whitby
John RingoIslands of Rage & Hope the 3rd in his apocalyptic zombie series, Black Tide Rising. Wolf Squadron have plans to take the battle to the mainland!

in large format:

John Hornor JacobsThe Incorruptibles Rome never fell and, in the mid-1880s at the edge of empire, a riverboat makes it’s way through dubious territory up the Rio Grande… two local mercenaries are hired to protect the passengers  from dangers lurking ashore…

David Weber & Jane LindskoldTreecat Wars the 3rd Star Kingdom novel
Eric Flint & Dave FreerSlow Train to Arcturus enjoyable generation starship adventure. As it nears a distant star, one planet’s inhabitants send a mission to investigate the strange object in their night skies…

Hal ClementGateway Omnibus latest volume from Orion, containg Iceworld, Cycle of Fire and Close to Critical
Philip Jose FarmerGateway Omnibus from Orion, containing The Maker of Universes (the 1st of his World of Tiers series), To Your Scattered Bodies Go (the 1st Riverworld novel) and The Unreasoning Mask
Damon KnightGateway Omnibus from Orion containg 4 short story collections of his – Far Out, In Deep, Off Centre and Turning On. Some excellent stuff; I still have my old Ace Double edition of Off Center…

Robert SheckleyStore of the World: the stories of RS. 26 of his stories, mainly from the sf magazines of the 1950s

in ‘B’ format:
John MeaneyResonance the 3rd volume of his millennia-spanning Ragnarok trilogy
J. D. OswaldDreamwalker a young orphan and a young dragon mage may hold the salvation of the kingdom in their hands, um, claws
Dan Abnett & Nik VincentFiefdom long after the Great War the Time of Ice is slowly coming to an end as the ice melts, but the old war machines are stirring… Their 1st Kingdom novel

Poul AndersonThe Broken Sword new edition of the Fantasy Masterwork from Orion
Philip K. DickPuttering About in a Small Land another of his mainstream novels, written in the late 1950s but first published in 1985 after his death

Norman SpinradRaising Hell  plus… the latest Outspoken Author book from PM Press. The title story, plus an essay by him, an interview with him and a bibliography.

in paperback:

James AxlerShadow Born the latest Outlanders post-apocalypse adventure. #61, I think.

art, etc:

Gill HatcherThe Beginner’s Guide to Being Outside well produced short graphic novel about a young girl who grows to appreciate the Scottish outdoors! I’ve previously stocked her Go Wildlife and Team Girl comics…

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New Titles – w/e 9th August 2014

in hardcover:

Robin HobbFool’s Assassin part 1 of her latest Farseer trilogy, Fitz and the Fool
Brent WeeksThe Broken Eye volume 3 of his Lightbringer trilogy

John VarleyDark Lightning belated 4th volume in his Red Lightning series about space colonisation…
Jo WaltonMy Real Children one elderly woman; two sets of memories… no wonder she’s confused!

Mercedes Lackey & James MalloryThe House of the Four Winds the duke of the tiny Balkan duchy of Swansgaard has 12 daughters and a lone son. Too many to support, so in this volume the eldest, Clarice, signs on for a trip to the New World… Part 1 of One Dozen Daughters
Lev GrossmanThe Magician’s Land 3rd in the series that began with The Magicians
Kat RichardsonRevenant the 9th Greywalker novel
Mark HodderThe Return of the Discontinued Man the 5th Burton & Swinbourne adventure…

Marie PhillipsThe Table of Less Valued Knights ‘Arthurian’ story featuring the exploits of knights not good enough to sit at the Round Table. They have to sit at one with a wonky leg… Her previous book, Gods Behaving Badly (2008) was fun; Greek gods living quietly in a shabby mansion in present day London…

George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Rogues hefty anthology of 21 stories from the best fantasy authors out there; Gaiman, Rothfuss, Lynch, Abercrombie and many more, with a new Game of Thrones story by one of the editors!
Ursula K. LeGuinThe Real and the Unreal: Where on Earth volume 1 of a pair of books collecting her best short fiction

in large format:

Charles E. GannonTrial by Fire the sequel to Fire by Fire and volume 2 in his Tales of the Terran Republic
Jagopo Della QuerciaThe Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy Lincoln’s son and President Taft in a steampunk adventure carefully composed around real historical events…

Daniel AbrahamThe Widow’s House the 4th volume of The Dagger and the Crown

in ‘B’ format:

Eric Brown - Jani and the Greater Game fun steampunk adventure  set in India as the British Empire, Russia and China play the ‘great game’ and Jani is caught in the middle of it all when Russia shoots fown an Imperial Airship carrying her back from England to see her dying father, one-time Minister of Security on the Indian Cabinet. Signed copies available.
William DietzAndromeda’s Choice sequel to Andromeda’s Fall. Set in his Legion of the Damned universe and featuring Andromeda McKee, top Legion fighter…
Daryl GregoryAfterparty the after effects of a new drug on it’s inventors! I really enjoyed the hardback earlier this year
Daryl GregoryWe Are All Completely Fine a psychiatrist persuades several apparently insane patients to join a support group and try to work out which of their demons are real… Always an interesting author.

Alan CampbellThe Art of Hunting sequel to The Sea of Ghosts and part 2 of The Gravedigger Chronicles
Richard FordThe Shattered Crown the sequel to Herald of the Storm and part 2 of his Steelhaven series

Jim HinesCodex Born the sequel to Libriomancer and vbook 2 of Magic ex Libris
Tom PollockThe Glass Republic in London-Under-Glass everything is reversed and Pen must venture there seeking her mirror-sister Parva…
James TreadwellAnarchy sequel to dark fantasy Advent
Ari MarmellHot Lead, Cold Iron Mick Oberon turned his back on the Fae and became a PI in Chicago. But his new case involves tracking down a changeling…
Jon SteeleAngel City set in the shadows where the angels dwell…
Mark HodderThe Secret of Abdu el Yezdi the 4th Burton & Swinbourne adventure…
Guy Gavriel KayRiver of Stars sequel to Under Heaven and set again in his version of ancient China…

Steve Haynes (editor) – The Best British Fantasy 2014 14 stories including 2 by Edinburgh residents Helen Jackson and Georgina Bruce and at least another 2 by Scots now living elsewhere.

in paperback:

Rob ThurmanDownfall the 9th Cal Leandros adventure
Stephen BlackmooreBroken Souls 3rd in his City of the Lost series…
Irene RadfordThe Wandering Dragon 3rd in her Children of the Dragon Nimbus series; the 13th Dragon Nimbus book overall

Steve WhitePirates of the Timestream 3rd of the Jason Thanoi adventures, which began with Blood of the Heroes

Dan AbnettThe Unremembered Empire the latest of the Horus Heresy adventures, set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe

art, etc:

John AlvinThe Art of JA hardback with both finished full-colour art and sketches, etc. Also 1/2 page of text introducing each project; Batman, Jurassic Park,  Willow, E.T., etc.
Lorenzo SperlongaDirty Works full colour softback with mainly finished pieces but also a few preliminary sketches… Also titled New Art Fantastix #1
Brian Michael BendisWords for Pictures subtitled ‘the art and business of writing comics and graphic novels‘. Includes chapters by top editor Diana Schutz  and several others

Neil Gaiman & P. Craig RussellMurder Mysteries hardback graphic novel, with sketches and an interview, etc at the back
Carol SwainGast b&w story of a young girl who moves to rural Wales and starts to investigate a death

Alexandro Jodorowsky, Zoran Janjetov & Fred BeltranThe Technopriests: Supreme Collection hardcover from Humanoids
Christian Perrissin & Boro Pavlocic- El Nino hardcover from Humanoids. Red Cross nurse Vera discovers she was born conjoined with, but soon separated from, a modern day pirate known as el Nino!
Xavier Dorison & Christophe BecSanctum hardcover from Humanoids, previously issued in 2 volumes. A  submarine lost 70 years ago is found in strange circumstances…
Jerry Frissen & BillUnfabulous Five a handful of Mexican wrestlers take up the fight against crime. Hardcover from Humanoids

Jeffrey BrownStar Wars: Goodnight Darth Vader neat little hardback with colour sketches and rhyming couplets… well, doggerel, really.


Illustration – #45 big features on Mead Schaeffer and Michael Dolas
Locus – #642, July cover date with Edinburgh Book Festival guest Jeff Vandermeer on the cover. June’s issue has still not turned up.
Galaxy’s Edge – issue #9


Doctor WhoThe Abandoned Forth Doctor adventure 3.7 from Big Finish, with Tom baker and Luise Jameson

2015 wall calendars:

CirueloDragons 16 month calendar

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New Titles – w/e 2nd August 2014

in hardcover:

Django WexlerThe Shadow Throne part 2 of The Shadow Campaigns and sequel to  The Thousand Names, which I found very enjoyable… In this volume the action switches to Vordan City and it’s surrounding area

Tom KratmanThe Rods and the Axe sequel to Come and Take Them, itself the 5th in the series that began with A Desert Called Peace
Lauren BeukesBroken Monsters an artistic serial killer in Detroit…

George MannEngines of War new Doctor Who adventure featuring the War Doctor set during the Great Time War

in large format:

Steve WhiteGhosts of Time the 4th in his series that began with Blood of the Heroes
Emily Croy Barker – The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic Nora wanders off from a wedding party and finds herself in a magical realm…

in ‘B’ format:

Scott LynchThe Republic of Thieves the 3rd in the fantasy series that began with The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies
Kevin HearneShattered the 6th of the Iron Druid Chronicles

in paperback:

Jean JohnsonHardship the 4th in her Theirs Not To Reason Why series, which began with A Soldier’s Duty
L. E. Modesitt, jr. – The One-Eyed Man consultant Paulo Verano arrives on Stittara to assess the ecological impact of the human colonists on the planet. Shades of Stableford’s Daedalus Mission series!
David S. Goyer & Michael CassuttHeaven’s Fall the 3rd in the trilogy that began with Heaven’s Shadow. 20 years on, the Earth people living on the giant spaceship dubbed Keanu discover that their enemies the Reivers have occupied the Earth….
Timothy ZahnCobra Slave part 1 of his Cobra Rebellion series, which obviously fits in with his Cobra and Cobra War trilogies…

Wen SpencerEight Million Gods is horror novelist Nikki really going insane, or are ancient Japanese gods actually out to get her!?
John LambsheadWolf in Shadow before the gleaming financial towers occupied London’s East End, there were older, magical beings to be found and some of them are still there…

Bailey CunninghamPath of Smoke the sequel to Pile of Bones and the 2nd in the Parallel Parks series. At midnight, everything in the park changes!
J. C. NelsonFree Agent 1st of the Grimm Agency cases; the Fairy Godfather can help but there’s always a price!
Margaret Weis & Robert KrammesStorm Riders the sequel to Shadow Raiders; part two of The Dragon Brigade Trilogy

Arianne ‘Tex’ ThompsonOne Night in Sixes weird western!

Star WarsKenobi the story of Obi Wan after the Clone Wars, by John Jackson Miller


Doctor WhoBreaking Bubbles 4 shorter pieces instead of one long drama, all featuring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. Big Finish audio drama #188

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New Titles – w/e 26th July 2014

in hardcover:

Django DexlerThe Forbidden Library charming YA adeventure set in a strange library (and it’s books!)

in ‘B’ format:

William Le QueuxIf England Were Invaded written in 1906 about a German invasion in 1910

in paperback:

Greg KeyesFirestorm prequel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes!
Andy RemicThe White Towers the 2nd in his Rage of Kings series…
Jennifer EstepPoison Promise the 11th in her ElementalAssassin series…
Hannah JayneUnder the Final Moon the 6th of her Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles

Star TrekSecond Nature part one of David Mack‘s new Seekers series, featuring the scoutship Sagittarius and the cruiser Endeavour

art, etc:

Dave McKeanShort Narrative Book Two: Exhibition hefty volume packed full of his art
CG Characters From Sketch to Finish new volume from Dopress Books/Cypi Press. Almost all full colour
CG Scenes From Sketch to Finish new volume from Dopress Books/Cypi Press. Almost all full colour
Fred GambinoDark Shepherd: The Art of FG full colour hardback of his sf art
Frank Frazetta, jr. – Frank Frazzeta: Art and Remembrances hardcover retrospective with text by his son

Alejandro Jodorowsky, José Ladrönn & MoebiusFinal Incal slipcased edition; one of only 1500 printed.

R. B. WhiteSketchbook 1 b&w sketches of fantasy warrior women


Juxtapoz – August cover date
Brick Journal – #29, June Cover date. All about Lego
Comics Review – June  cover date; reprints of (mainly) b&w comic strips. Includes Tarzan, Krazy Kat, Flash Gordon, Ally Oop and many more!

2015 Calendars:

George R. R. MartinA Song of Ice and Fire 2015 with a dozen illustrations by Donato Giancola

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New Titles – w/e 19th July 2014

in hardcover:

Hannu RajaniemiThe Causal Angel the 3rd in his series featuring Jean le Flambeur.
Signed copies will be available soon!

Harry TurtledoveLast Orders the 6th and final book in his series, The War That came Early, about a WW2 that started in 1938 with Hitler’s War
James P. BlaylockThe Adventure of The Ring of Stones his latest short novel featuring Langdon St. Ives and illustrated by J. K. Potter. Signed & numbered edition from Subterranean Press.

in large format:

Gardner Dozois (editor) – The Year’s Best Science Fiction Thirty-First Annual Collection 32 of the best stories of the previous year, with the usual annual round-up and further recommendations listing

Hannu RajaniemiThe Causal Angel the 3rd in his series featuring Jean le Flambeur.
Signed copies will be available soon!

John BrunnerGateway Omnibus from Orion. Contains 3 of my favourite books of his – The Sheep Look Up, The Shockwave Rider and The Traveller in Black (which is 4 related novellas)

in ‘B’ format:

Eric BrownRites of Passage collection of 4 novellas
Marcus SakeyBrilliance huge numbers of exceptionally smart children are being born… What will happen to them and how will the world be changed as they mature?


Black Static  – #41 with July/August cover date. Lead story by Tim Waggoner
Gramarye – issue #5, Summer 2014 published by the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy. Interesting looking journal; includes articles on topics such as Jim Henson and Spring-Heeled Jack


Ian DoescherWilliam Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return the latest sequel to William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, in the same little hardback format.

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The Causal Angel – Hannu Rajaniemi

Contrary to what I understood, Hannu will be able to sign copies of his new book, The Causal Angel, for me.

The book itself is £20.00 and mailing prices will be as for Charlie’s recent Laundry novel, The Rhesus Chart. i.e. within the UK it’ll be £22.80

Europe, £20 + £6.60

World, £20.00 + £10.15

Australia & NZ, £20 + £10.75

Let me know how you’d like it signed and which postage rate applies and I’ll send a PayPal Invoice.


“With his infectious love of storytelling in all its forms, his rich characterisation and his unrivalled grasp of thrillingly bizarre cutting-edge science, Hannu Rajaniemi has swiftly set a new benchmark for SF in the 21st century. And now with his third novel he completes the tale of his gentleman rogue, the many lives and minds of Jean de Flambeur. Influenced as much by the fin de siecle novels of Maurice leBlanc as he is by the greats of SF, Rajaniemi weaves intricate, warm capers through dazzling science, extraordinary visions of wild future and deep conjecture on the nature of reality and story.

And now we find out what will happen to Jean, his employer Miele, the independently minded ship Perhonnen and the rest of a fractured and diverse humanity flung through the solar system.”



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