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New Titles – w/e 19th April 2014

in hardback:

Rjurik DavidsonUnwrapped Sky three Houses rule an ancient damaged city wjere technology is indistinguishable from magic but change is coming…
Karl SchroederLockstep life in a sub-Lightspeed travel interstellar civilisation! Toby wakes up from coldsleep and finds it’s not a few weeks, but thousands of years later…

in large format:

A. J. DaltonTithe of the Saviours 3rd in his Saviours series, after Empire of the Saviours and Gateway of the Saviours. Epic fantasy

in ‘B’ format:

Maurice DruonThe Iron King the 1st in The Accursed Kings, the series that helped inspire A Song of Ice and Fire! Parts 2 & 3 came in last week…

art, etc:

Game of ThronesA Pop-Up Guide to Westeros incredibly complex pop-up book which also folds out to become a map of Westeros, with all it’s pop-ups in the right places!

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New Titles – w/e 12th April 2014

in hardback:

Gregory Benford & Larry NivenShipstar the sequel to Bowl of Heaven, about an immense alien artifact a human mission is investigating…

David Weber & Eric FlintCauldron of Ghosts the latest advernture set in Weber’s Honorverse; sequel to their earlier Crown af Slaves and Torch of Freedom volumes…

Jasper FfordeThe Eye of Zoltar the 3rd in his Last Dragonslayer set!
Rebecca HuntEverland three researchers set off on a Centenary field trip to re-visit a remote Antarctic island

A. C. H. SmithJim Henson‘s Labyrinth novelisation of the film, with copies of Jim Henson‘s had-written notes at the end, together with 16 pages of apparently previously unseen art and sketches by Brian Froud

in large format:

Robert BuettnerBalance Point 3rd in his Overkill series…

in ‘B’ format:

Tanya HuffValour’s Trial the 4th in the series featuring Gunnery Sargeant Torin Kerr
Paul McAuleyEvening’s Empire set in the same background as The Quiet War and Gardens of the Sun
E. J. SwiftOsiris on a devastated near-future Earth, socialite Adelaide and one time refugee Vikram work to prevent chaos and disorder spreading. Part 1 of The Osiris Project
Max BarryLexicon words have power. Great power!

Neil GaimanThe Ocean at the End of the Lane fantasy; it won the UK’s National Book Award last year when it came out in hardcover

Naomi NovikBlood of Tyrants 8th in her ‘Napoleonic Dragons’ Temeraire series…
Tanya HuffThe Wild Ways fantasy companion to The Enchantment Emporium, about a family of present day witches…
John BoyneThis House is Haunted in 1867 someone, or something, tries to push new governess Eliza in front of a train, and after that the gothic weirdness gets weirder!

Maurice DruonThe Strangled Queen and The Poisoned Crown volumes 2 & 3 of the Accursed Kings historical septet that helped inspire George R. R. Martin to write A Song of Ice and Fire. When I ordered them my supplier had v1 in stock as well!

art, etc:

Adrian TomineNew York Drawings sketches and illustrations of city life and characters. Hardback, mainly colour
Edward Reed – A School of Mermaids full colour marmaids from SQP
Claudio AboyThe Art of CA vol 2 b&w art from SQP
Claudio AboyVoluptuous and Seduction two more b&w albums of his art from SQP

Chris LackeyTransreality full colour graphic novel set in the near future where everything about your life is programmable!


Locus – March cover date, #638
Hi Fructose – #31, with a 16 page extra insert
Illustrators – #6, with features on Graham Coton and Walter Wyles


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New Titles – w/e 5th April 2014

in hardback:

Lewis DartnellThe Knowledge the subtitle says it all! ‘How to Rebuild our World from Scratch‘ Loads of useful information, starting with how to cope with the immediate aftermath of a collapse of some sort…

C. J. CherryhPeacemaker the 3rd of the 5th Foreigner trilogy; the 15th overall!
Charles De LintThe Cats of Tanglewood Forest YA book with loads of colour illustrations by Charles Vess
Charles De Lint – Seven Wild Sisters YA book profusely illustrated in colour by Charles Vess; sequel to The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, with the niece of the original young heroine

in large format:

A. Bertram ChandlerUpon a Sea of Stars the 5th John Grimes omnibus, collecting Into the Alternate Universe, Contraband from Otherspace, The Rim Gods and The Commodore at Sea

in ‘B’ format:

Neal AsherJupiter War the 3rd Owner novel, following on from The Departure and Zero Point

in paperback:

C. J. CherryhProtector the 14th (the middle one of the 5th trilogy) in her long-running Foreigner series
Lynn FlewellingShards of Time the 7th and apparently final book in her Nightrunner series
John MarcoThe Forever Knight the 4th in his Bronze Knight series, although this is set some time after the original trilogy…

Devon MonkStone Cold the 2nd Broken Magic adventure, the sequel to Hell Bent. Shayne & Terric have to work together to use their magic to defeat a magical black op being developed by the government…

Alex HughesMarked Adam is a telepath freelancing for the Atlanta police and also sometimes for the Guild he was kicked out of… The 3rd Mindspace Investigations novel

Star WarsInto the Void the latest Dawn of the Jedi novel, from Tim Lebbon


Doctor WhoThe Brood of Erys Big Finish adventure #183, with Colin Baker
Doctor WhoScavenger Big Finish adventure #184, with Colin Baker
Doctor WhoThe Crooked Man Big Finish  Forth Doctor adventure #3.3, with Tom Baker

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New Titles – w/e 29th March 2014

in hardback:

John C. WrightThe Judge of Ages Count to a Trillion #3, after The Hermetic Millennia
Robert ConroyLiberty: 1784 alternate history in which the Americans lost the War of Independence… but maybe not for long!

Josh MallermanBird Box today they will chance it. Today they will leave the house!

large format:

Den PatrickThe Boy With the Porcelain Blade Lucien has grown up an outsider in a harsh world of secrets and rivalries, in a vast castle…

David WeberShadow of Freedom the latest Honorverse adventure, although it’s listed as the 15th in the main sequence
Michael J. MartinezThe Daedalus Incident steampunk adventure across the Solar System…

D. G. ComptonGateway Omnibus from Orion, containing the novels Synthajoy, The Streel Crocodile and Ascendancies. Interesting, little-remembered author. I re-read one of these books a few months ago…
Robert A. HeinleinWaldo & Magic, Inc. re-issue of these 2 novellas, with an afterword by Tim Powers

in ‘B’ format:

Robin HobbBlood of Dragons the final (4th) volume of the Rain Wilds Chronicles
Tad WilliamsHappy Hour in Hell the 2nd in his Bobby Dollar series about an Earth-bound angel; the sequel to The Dirty Streets of Heaven
Terry GoodkindThe Third Kingdom a Richard & Kahlan novel and sequel to The Omen Machine and The First Confessor

Charlaine HarrisDead Ever After the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel
Graham HancockWar God historical novel about the Spanish conquest of Mexico and the Aztecs

Octavia E. ButlerKindred reprint of the timeslip novel about a black woman going back to 19th C Maryland

S. M. Stirling & David DrakeHope Rearmed omnibus edition containing the 1st two books in their General sequence, The Anvil and The Steel. There’s also a new General novel, The Heretic in this week as well!

in paperback:

L. E. Modesitt, jr. – Antiagon Fire the 7th in his Imager Portfolio series
Dianne SylvanShadowbound the 5th in her Queen of Shadows series…
R. S. BelcherThe Six-Gun Tarot a very weird fantastical western set in the strange little town of Golgotha
Pip Ballantine & Tee MorrisDawn’s Early Light exiled from England, Braun and Books take on a case in the Americas. Latest in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurences series
Andre NortonChildren of the Gates omnibus edition containing 70s novels Here Abide Monsters and Yurth Burden

Charles E. GannonFire With Fire Riordan awakes from cryosleep and is immediately sent on a mission to decide if a new colony is on a planet that once supported a sentient alien species… Looks fun!
Sarah A. HoytA Few Good Men the 3rd Darkship novel, but also book 1 of the Earth’s Revolution saga.
Tony Daniel & David DrakeThe Heretic the latest book in Drake’s General series, about a lost-colony planet run behind the scenes by an ancient computer
James K. DeckerFallout sequel to the Burn Zone, about apparently friendly aliens who have taken over…
David L. GolemonCarpathian the 8th Event Group thriller; strange remains are found near Jericho, casting new light on the Biblical story of the Exodus…
Star Trek: Rise of the FederationTower of Babel 1st in a new series featuring Admiral Jonathan Archer, by Christopher L. Bennett
Sharon Lee
& Steve MillerNecessity’s Child their latest Liaden Universe novel

Warhammer 40,000Path of the Archon book 3 of the Dark Eldar series, by Andy Chambers

art, etc:

Game of ThronesA Pop-Up Guide to Westeros incredibly complex pop-up book which also folds out to become a map of Westeros, with all it’s pop-ups in the right places!

Device #3 – Travelling Device softcover from IDW of photos of all kinds of steam & dieselpunk creations! And other strange items as well…
el GuntoSketchbook b&w sketches, with several pages of full colour, too. From Comix Buro.
Jim Henson‘s  The Storyteller 9 illustrated short stories from The Jim Henson Company. Nothing actually to do with the late JIm Henson, as far as I know.

Adventure TimeA Totally Math Poster Collection book with 20 Adventure Time posters by 20 different artists!


Interzone – #251 with cover art by Wayne Haag
Galaxy’s Edge – issue #7, cover date March 2014

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New Titles – w/e 22nd March 2014

in large format:

Mur LaffertyThe Shambling Guide to New York Zoe is writing a guide to the city for non-humans… the sequel, Ghost Train to New Orleans, came in a couple of weeks ago…

in ‘B’ format:

Adam ChristopherThe Burning Dark his final mission is to de-commission an aging, semi-derelict research outpost orbiting a distant star… but there are problems, and the station commander has disappeared…
Peter HellerThe Dog Stars Hig owns one of the last aeroplanes in the post-apocalyptic world and needs to make one last trip, but there’s only enough fuel for a one way flight…
Caleb CarrThe Legend of Broken a fortress city defends itself against the maurauding Bane but will only survive if a compact can be drawn up between the sides…

art, etc:

Ian MillerThe Art of IM new hardback collecting his best work. Excellent stuff; I’ve liked him since buying the 1977 Bantam edition of Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton for his illustrations. If I only buy one art book this year, this’ll be it!

David WiesnerMr. Wuffles full colour children’s hardback about a cat who discovers some tiny aliens in a toy-sized spaceship!


Black Static – issue #39, cover date March/April 2014

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New Titles – w/e 15th March 2014

In hardback:

Robert GilmoreAlice in Quantumland Alice explains quantum physics! This has been out for some years but I’ve neveer had it in stock before

in large format:

Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonMentats of Dune the latest of their novels about Dune, after Sisterhood of Dune
Jim HewitsonDown in the Glen Something Stirs twin-tracked novel, with one thread set in the present and the other 20+ years in the future as climate change drives more people towards an independent Scotland…

Nick Hubble & Aris MousoutzanisThe Science Fiction Handbook fascinating look at the field and it’s important books
Stephen L. GillettWorld-Building great look at how to get the details right! -  ‘a writer’s guide to constructing star systems and life-supporting planets’

in ‘B’ format:

James S. A. Corey - Abaddon’s Gate the 3rd in the Expanse series; excellent, big, in-System science fiction.
Robert Silverberg & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro a short novel in 2 parts; a novella, The Song of Last Things from 1987 by Silverberg followed by an authorised sequel, The Last Mandala Sweeps by Zinos-Amaro. It’s set in the extreme far future as Earth is about to be enguilfed by a black hole…
Brian AldissFinches of Mars apparently to be his final sf novel… 10 years on, the Mars Colony is in trouble…
T. J. Bass - The Godwhale a vast android plankton harvester lies rotting through the ages waiting and hoping that Man will re-discover her…
Philip K. Dick & Ray NelsonThe Ganymede Takeover the Earth has been taken over by telepathic aliens and the human scientist that can save Earth is on their side! Reprint from 1967.

Graham JoyceThe Year of the Ladybird strange goings-on at a seaside summer camp during the 1976 heatwave…
James BarclayBeyond the Mists of Katura the 3rd Elves book, after Once Walked with Gods & Rise of the Taigethen

Randall Garrett – Lord Darcy  new Fantasy Masterworks edition of the alternate history detective stories in which the Plantagenets still rule an Anglo-French empire and magic instead of science was developed..
Rebecca AlexanderThe Secrets of Life and Death a dead woman is found covered in arcane symbols and Jackdaw Hammond must trace the mystery’s roots back to the alchemist John Dee!

Adam NevillBanquet for the Damned ghost story set in St. Andrews
Steve Rasnic TemBlood Kin long buried near Michael Gibson’s old home is an iron trunk that could spell everybody’s doom!
Warhammer 40,000Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters anthology with 11 new stories…

in paperback:

Alex ArcherRiver of Nightmares the latest (47th?) Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerHanging Judge the latest (69th?) Death Lands adventure

art books, etc:

EVESource heavily illustrated hardcover looking at the online game
Mike HawthorneSketchbook paperback from Comix Buro of his art
Mali SiriSketchbook from Comix Buro
ValpSketchbook softcover from Comix Buro


Locus – February cover date, with the 2013 annual round-up
Juxtapoz – April cover date
Heavy Metal – issue #267, April cover date

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New Titles – w/e 8th March 2014

in hardback :

Ken MacLeodDescent government surveillance and cover-ups! Signed copies available

Brandon SandersonWords of Radiance 1000+ page sequel to The Way of Kings. The Stormlight Archive #2

Sebastien De CastellTraitor’s Blade conspiracy in the most corrupt city in the world. Following the death of the king, three ex-magistrates have ended up in dead-end bodyguard jobs… Part 1 of The Greatcoats
Ramsey CampbellThe Pretence the day after a dire prediction failed to come true, everything should now be alright… shouldn’t it?

large format:

Andrzej SapkowskiBaptism of Fire the 4th in the fantasy series that began with The Last Wish. Translated from Polish by David French
Mark SmylieThe Barrow epic adventure in the world of Artesia
Nigel EdwardsBadger’s Waddle surreal story set in a minor English village. Giant rabbits, exploding tourists, shaved gibbons…
Barrington J. BaileyGateway Omnibus containing novels  The Soul of the Robot and The Fall of Chronopolis with the collection The Knights of the Limits

Mur LaffertyGhost Train to New Orleans Zoe writes travel guides to tourist spots for the undead…

Andy McDermottThe Valhalla Prophecy the 9th adventure with Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase

in ‘B’ format:

Jim C. HinesLibriomancer Isaac is in a secret guild which can draw forth objects mentioned in books…
David MunroThe Time Jigsaw fleeing trouble, James returns to Scotland but discovers he is time-slipping to different periods…

in paperback:

Julie E. CzernedaA Turn of the Light part 1 of Marrowdell; Jenn has grown up in a small valley on the edge of the magical realms…
Seanan McGuireHalf-Off Ragnarok the 3rd InCryptid adventure…
Anne BishopWritten in Red the 1st novel of The Others. Meg gets a Human Liason job despite being on the run and having to hide her foretelling ability
Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. RossThe Children of Kings a Darkover novel, which seems to follow on from The Alton Gift and Hastur Lord

Clive Cussler & Justin ScottThe Striker their 5th co-written Isaac Bell adventure; the 6th altogether.

art, etc:

John Ferguson, Tone Julskjaer & Gary WelshSaltire Scottish graphic novel set in Roman times… Full colour, published by Diamondsteel Comics

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New Titles – w/e 1st March 2014

in hardback:

Jeff VandermeerAnnihilation nice little budget hardback, part 1 of his Southern Reach trilogy. A 12th expedition is attempting to discover the secrets of Area X… Parts 2 & 3 coming in May & September.

large format:

Robert A. HeinleinThe Past Through Tomorrow a Gateway Omnibus volume of all 24 of his Future History stories & novels. Contains the volumes The Man Who Sold the Moon, The Green Hills of Earth, Revolt in 2100, Methusalah’s Children and Orphans of the Sky.
L. Sprague De CampGateway Omnibus with Lest Darkness Fall, Rogue Queen and The Tritonian Ring collection

Jim FennPirate Raiders of the Star Trek Wars film parodies and mash-ups

in ‘B’ format:

Simon IngsHot Head re-issue with a cover that matches his now novel Wolves
Warhammer 40,000Blood of Asaheim a Space Wolves adventure by Chris Wright

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdTo Do or Die a new Jump Universe adventure, but without Kris Longknife!
John ScalziThe Human Division the 5th of his Old Man’s War novels…
Steven GouldImpulse the 4th in his Jumpers series, about people able to teleport…
Jeremy RobinsonIsland 731 a ship-wrecked crew find themselves on an apparently deserted island once used by Japanese scientists in WW2…

Orson Scott CardThe Gate Thief sequel to The Lost Gate. Mither Mages #2
Lauren M. RoyNight Owls Val keeps the campus bookshop open late as a place of refuge from her fellow vampires… 1st in a series
Marjorie M. LiuLabyrinth of Stars the 5th Hunter Kiss adventure

Star TrekNo Time Like the Past Original Series adventure by Greg Cox, featuring Seven of Nine!

art, etc:

Henry WinchesterSteampunk: Gothic Dreams nice hardcover with some great visuals and an informative overview of the genre and it’s history
Robin BougieGraphic Thrills: American XXX Movie Posters 1970 – 1985 large softcover with loads of posters reproduced along with plenty of anecdotes and historical snippets about the films and the era.

Warren & Gary PleeceThe Great Unwashed hardback with several b&w graphic short stories about people dissatisfied with their lot in life…
Arnaud Plumeri & BlozDinosaurs: in the beginning the 1st of three children’s hardbacks all about dinosaurs. Full colour throughout. Looks fun!

Metal Hurlant #1 – hardcover retrospective from Humanoids back in stock at a new, lower price. Great stuff!
Metal Hurlant #2 – hardcover retrospective from Humanoids back in stock at a new, lower price. Some great artists!


Juxtapoz – March cover date; theme, the psychedelic sixties! Wig out, baby!


Doctor WhoAntidote to Oblivion full cast audio drama #182 from Big Finish, with Colin Baker
Doctor WhoWhite Ghosts Fourth Doctor adventure #3.2 from Big Finish, with Tom Baker & Louise Jamieson

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New Titles – w/e 22nd February 2014

in large format:

Anne LeonardMoth and Spark Prince Corin has the unenviable task of releasing the Empire’s dragons from their service to it. But nobody knows how this might be done!
Leena KrohnDatura (or a delusion we all see) Finnish novel featuring a journalist explores a bizarre, changing city. Eating Datura seeds might be partially to blame, or maybe the untranslatable Voynich Manuscript!

Paul McAuleyConfluence large omnibus edition of his late 1990s trilogy set on the banks of an incredible long river. Yama sets out down it to discover it’s secrets… Contains Child of the River, Ancients of Days and Shrine of Stars, together with two related short stories.

in ‘B’ format:

Anthony RyanBlood Song volume one of Raven’s Shadow; Vaelin is being trained to protect the Realm and the Faith, and war is looming…
Simon MordenArcanum helped by magic, a thousand years ago the armies of Carinthia crushed the Roman Empire. But now their magic is failing…
Liliana Bodoc – The Days of the Deer the omens say a war fleet will come, but whose side will they be on…?
Nathan Long – Jane Carver of Waar an ex-military biker chick wakes up on a savage planet… A swashbuckling parody

Jay MartelChannel Blue once, Galaxy Entertainment couldn’t screen enough of the strange goings on of Earth people, but now their ratings are flagging and they need a spectacular boost for the final episode… it doesn’t bode well for Earth!
John MeaneyResonance the 3rd of of his Ragnarok trilogy, which began with Absorption and Transmission

Robert GalbraithThe Cuckoo’s Calling contemporary crime novel by the author better known as J. K. Rowling.

art, etc:

Brian & Wendy FroudThe Heart of Faerie Oracle contains a deck of cards with art by the Frouds and a book explaining their use and meaning. Similar to their previous publication The Faerie Oracle.

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New Titles – w/e 15th February 2014

in hardcover:

Allen SteeleV-S Day alternate history with von Braun making orbital weapons rather than early ballistic missiles, and the US has to respond…
Locus review
William R. ForstchenPillar to the Sky the world is running out of resources and only a space elevator can solve the problems!

Andy WeirThe Martian a manned Mars mission goes horribly wrong and no-one realises there is a survivor on the surface…

David EdisonThe Waking Engine everybody eventually ends up at the City Unspoken but madness is spreading and infecting everyone…
Ramona WheelerThree Princes alternate history where the Egyptian Empire took over the Roman one and still persists today…

Barbara HamblyThe Magistrates of Hell the 4th James Asher novel…
Barbara Hambly -The Kindred of Darkness the 5th James Asher vampire novel

in large format:

Christopher Golden (editor) – Dark Duets 17 new horror & dark fantasy stories from the likes of Rachel Caine, Joe Lansdale and Robert jackson Bennett
Ramsey Campbell
- Holes for Faces new short story collection
Graham McNeill
- False Gods the latest Horus Heresy novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 background

Adrian LesterMammoths: Ice Age Giants the Natural History Museum‘s book all about mammoths and the age they lived in

in ‘B’ format:

Daniel AbrahamThe Tyrant’s Law volume 3 of The Dagger and the Coin. Epic fantasy.
Paul KearneyA Different Kingdom Michael lives with his grandparents in Northern Ireland and knows there are wolves in the nearby woods. And stranger things, too…
Garry KilworthAttica 3 children start to explore the attic of their new home, but it’s no ordinary attic! Treasures, dreams, traps, visions, monsters…
Phillip MannThe Disestablishment of Paradise the colony planet is just too dangerous to stay on, but some of the colonists are determined to try to make it work

Hugh HoweyDust the 3rd in the series that began with Wool and Shift
Ian DouglessAbyss Deep the 2nd in his Star Corpsman series
George R. R. MartinTuf Voyaging reprint of the stories about an honest space trader with grand ambitions…
Myke ColeBreach Zone the 3rd Shadow Ops adventure
Brian Herbert & Kevin J. AndersonAwakening the 2nd in their Hellhole trilogy, set on a planet almost impossible to live on…
Steve BerryThe King’s Deception thriller with a (fairly) ancient secret concerning the Tudors…

in paperback:

Jennifer RobersonSword-Bound the 7th Tiger and Del novel
Robert AsprinDragons Wild reprint of the 1st book in the series
Chris Marie GreenOnly the Good Die Young the 1st in a new series about Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire
Warren FahyPandemonium from the author of Fragment; ancient isoloated cave systems are discovered with never before seen lifeforms living there…
S. M. StirlingShadows of Falling Night the 3rd in his Shadowspawn series
F. Paul WilsonNightworld the 16th Repairman Jack adventure…

R. A. SalvatoreThe Companions the 4th in the D&D Forgotten Realms series The Sundering

James AxlerWings of Death the 61st Outlanders adventure


Galaxy’s Edge – #6

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