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New Titles – w/e 22nd November 2014

in hardcover:

Richard Morgan - The Dark Defiles the final volume of his fantasy trilogy which began with The Steel Remains and The Cold Commands

in ‘B’ format:

Ken MacLeodDescent in the near future where there are no secrets anymore, has Ryan discovered a UFO cover-up?

Cinda Williams ChimaThe Enchanter Heir the 4th of the Heir Chronicles; the 1st was The Warrior Heir
Steohen R. Lawhead – The Fatal Tree
the concluding 5th volume of his Bright Empires series. The characters are spread all across time but must somehow come together to save the world and spacetime itself!
Tanya HuffThe Future Falls the 3rd in her Enchantment Emporium series…

Kim NewmanBad Dreams horror reprint from 1990, with the almost 200 page Bloody Students (a.k.a. Orgy of the Bloody Parasites) included also.

George R. R. Martin & Melinda M. Snodgrass (editors) – Lowball the latest ‘mosaic’ novel in Martin’s Wild Cards series. Authors include Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams and Ian Tregillis
Mark Morris
(editor) – The Spectral Book of Horror Stories original horror anthology…

in paperback

Laura ResnickAbracadaver the 7th Esther Diamond adventure
Christopher GoldenRiver of Pain the latest Alien novel


Frank ChoDrawing Beautiful Women: The FC Method large softcover with some colour pages and also two fold-outs. The h/c edition is due soon.


Black Static – #43

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New Titles – w/e 15th November 2014

in hardcover:

William GibsonPeripheral his first new novel since 2010’s Zero History

Ben AaronovitchFoxglove Summer the 5th in his Peter Grant  series, which began with Rivers of London
Cixin Liu - The Three-Body Problem from China’s top sf writer; aliens have responded to signals sent during the Cultural Revolution and are trying to infiltrate and influence Earth’s on-line society… Translated by Ken Liu

in large format:

Michael G. ConeyGateway Omnibus containing Mirror Image, Charisma and Brontomek! (Which won the BSFA award)
Rebi KawaharaSword Art Online vol 1 of the prose adaptation of the manga… vol 2 came in last week

Sarah RemyWinter volume #1 of her Manhattan Exiles trilogy. Teenager Winter has inadvertently allowed the Dread Host to confine all the Sidhe to Manhattan and he must grab any chance to put things right…

in ‘B’ format:

Simon IngsWolves described as a surreal whodunit
Phil RickmanThe Magus of Hay dark magic and ritual murder in Hay-on-Wye!

in paperback:

Greg KeyesInterstellar novelisation of the film

Alex ArcherThe Pretender’s Gambit the latest Rogue Angel adventure
James AxlerPolestar Omega the latest Deathlands adventure
James AxlerJudgment Plague the latest Outlanders adventure


Dave McKeanDream States hardback collecting the covers from Dreaming, Sandman Presents and Sandman Overture 1997 – 2014, with a new illustrated short story by Gaiman & McKean
Dan BreretonEnchantress: The Illustrative Art of DB full colour h/c with art of his female characters
Todd Spoor & Bill Cox (editors) – Infected by Art II h/c with art by the winners and runners up of both the jury and popular vote prizes in the various categories…

Monte BeauchampPopular Skullture small h/c full of 160 old pulp magazine and novel covers, each of which has a skull in it!


Neil Gaiman & Lorenzo MattottiHansel & Gretel re-imagining of the Grimm fairy tale, with full page b&w illustrations by Mattotti. Two sizes of hardback; a 19 x 26cm edition and a 23.5 x 32 h/c with a circular hole through the cover to the page behind…


Doctor WhoThe Widow’s Assassin Big Finish audio adventure #192 with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant

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NewTitles – w/e 8th November 2014

in hardcover:

Steven EriksonWillful Child the voyages of the Engage class starship, Willful Child; in command is Captain Sawbuck, either the pride of, or the biggest disgrace of, the Terran Space Fleet…
Eric Flint, Paula Goodlet & Gorg HuffThe Vienese Waltz the latest novel in Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire series… The 15th novel in the series, I think.

Mal PeetThe Murdstone Trilogy a fantasy-hating mainstream writer is persuaded by his agent to try to write a career-saving Epic Fantasy Trilogy!

in large format:

Charlie N. HolmbergThe Paper Magician Ceony is apprenticed as a menial Paper magician when she really wants to be working her magic with metal…
Rebi KawaharaAccel World: The Red Storm Princess prose adaptation of the manga…

T. A. PrattBride of Death
Tim Pratt – Heirs of Grace - an art school graduate inherits a very strange house in the woods, and finds that her estranged family is also very strange!
John EversonThe Family Tree Scott Belvedere’s family tree goes back, literally, to a tree!

Simon R. GreenTales of the Hidden World 17 short stories
Brian M. Sammons & David Conyers (editors) – Undead and Unbound 19 horror stories from beyond the grave, from Chaosium
Scott T. Goudsward & Rachel Kenley (editors) – Once Upon an Apocalypse 23 twisted fairy tales from Chaosium

in ‘B’ format:

Charlaine Harris & Toni L. P. Kelner (editors) – Games Creatures Play 15 original horror stories about sports and games. The editors’ 3rd anthology together
Christopher Priest – A Dream of Wessex reprint of his 1977 novel about alternate realities…

Paul McAuleyBrazil published by the BFI and analysing the cult Terry Gilliam film

in paperback:

Jacey BedfordEmpire of Dust the 1st in the new Psi-Tech series, about a telepathic agent on the run across the inhabited worlds, trying to escape from her megacorp employer…
Chris Marie GreenAnother One Bites the Dust sequel to Only the Good Die Young and the 2nd in her Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series
M. l. BrennanTainted Blood the 3rd Generation V adventure

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New Titles – w/e 1st November 2014

in hardback:

Stephen R. LawheadThe Fatal Tree the 5th and final book of his time-travelling  Bright Empires fantasy series

George R. R. MartinThe Ice Dragon novella set in his Song of Ice and Fire setting, illustrated by Luis Royo

Matt Danner & Tony MillionaireSock Monkey in the Deep Woods illustrated novella featuring TM’s best-known character!

Matt ParkerThings To Make And Do In The Fourth Dimension easily accessible book about mathematics!

in large format:

Charles SheffieldGateway Omnibus from Orion. Includes Sight of Proteus, Summertide and Cold as Ice

in ‘B’ format:

Alastair ReynoldsOn the Steel Breeze the sequel to Blue Remembered Earth

Sheri S. TepperBeauty the latest in Orion‘s Fantasy Masterworks series of classic re-issues. First published in in 1991

in paperback:

Mike ShepherdTenacious the 12th in his Kris Longknife series…
Christina HenryBlack Spring the 7th Black Wings adventure
Kelly McCulloughDrawn Blades the 5th of his Fallen Blade series
Piers AnthonyEsrever Doom his 37th Xanth novel
Paul KearneyRiding the Unicorn prison warder John literally keeps disappearing from his unhappy life…

Martha WellsRazor’s Edge the latest Star Wars: Legends adventure, set in the period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back
Clive Cussler & Jack DuBrulMirage their 7th Oregon Files collaboration, but the 9th overall. It involves the Philadelphia experiment


art, etc:

George R. R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia & Linda AntonssonThe World of Ice and Fire large heavily illustrated hardcover, full of background information. Sub-titled ‘The Untold History of Westeros and The Game of Thrones

Adam ToobyWarbirds: the Aviation Art of AT his illustrations of 100 years of air warfare! Hardback
Stephen D. Korshak & J. David SpurlockThe Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage subtitled Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art now in soft cover. Probably best known for her covers for Weird Tales
Brom – Sketches, Drawings and Musings little 16 page book of his illustrations. Signed by the artist (£7.50)

Neil GaimanThe Sleeper and the Spindle heavily illustrated (by Chris Riddell) Hallowe’en fairy tale

Regis LoiselPeter Pan large h/c graphic novel
Christophe Bec & Stefano Raffaele - The Shadows of Salamanca horror graphic novel from Humanoids

Peter S. Beagle, Peter B. Gillis & Renae De LizThe Last Unicorn graphic novel adaptation back in stock again


Locus – October cover date, with their Worldcon report from London
Heavy Metal – #271
Juxtapoz – #166, November cover date

Illustrators – issue eight with the lead feature on sf artist Les Edwards
Brick Journal – issue #31, November cover date

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New Titles – w/e 25th October 2014

in hardcover:

 Patrick RothfussThe Slow Regard of Silent Things novella set in hias Kingmaker Chronicles background, featuring Auri and her life beneath the university… with b&w illustrations

in large format:

Greg BearWar Dogs benevolent aliens have arrived and are helping Earth; in exchange, we have to invade another alien species’ base on Mars… It appears to be part 1 of a set called Ares Rising.

Brandon SandersonWords of Radiance the Stormlight Archive volume 2, and sequel to The Way of Kings (published in the UK in 2 parts)

in ‘B’ format:

Mercedes LackeyCloser to Home a new Valdemar novel; the 1st in The Herald Spy set
Mark MorrisThe Wolves of London Alex Locke is a thief who is being pursued by a group of unearthly assassins desperate to gain possession of his latest acquisition… Part 1 of Obsidian Heart

Jack McDevittStarhawk prequel to the Academy series, with Priscilla becoming a pilot and gaining her ‘Hutch’ nickname

art, etc:

Russ ThorneFantasy Art: Warriors & Heroes heavily illustrated h/c featuring 59 artists and 10 articles (by some of the same artists) about different techniques, etc. Subtitled ‘Inspiration, Impact & Technique

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New Titles – w/e 18th October 2014

in hardback:

Terry PratchettDragons at Crumbling Castle slipcased hardback (with a colour postcard included) of 16 children’s stories and his brief comments about each of them. There seem to be at least two Carpet People stories included.

David Weber & Timothy ZahnA Call to Duty the 1st in a new Honorverse series, Manticore Ascendant, set in the early days of the Star Kingdom
Mercedes lackey – Closer to Home volume 1 of her new Valdemar series, The Herald Spy
Steven BrustHawk the 14th Vlad Taltos book

Lavie TidharA Man Lies Dreaming a pulp writer incarcerated in a concentration camp dreams of another world where an ex-Dictator scrapes a living as a cheap P.I.

Jonathan L. HowardThe Brothers Cabal the 4th novel in the series
John ScalziUnlocked companion novella to his recent novel Locked In. Signed & numbered edition from Subterranean Press

Leslie S. KlingerThe New Annotated Lovecraft giant hardback with double columns of text; one for H. P. Lovecraft‘s stories, and the other for commentary and illustrations


in large format:

Jonathan Strahan (editor) – The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year volume eight 28 of the best from last year
Beth BernobichThe Time Roads alternate history in which the Irish Empire’s push to technological supremacy is under attack by a plot to murder it’s top mathematicians!

in ‘B’ format:

Brian RuckleyThe Free his new heroic fantasy novel; signed copies available soon!

Miles CameronThe Fell Sword sequel to the excellent The Red Knight, with the action moving abroad to the Emperor’s court and an attempt to overthrow him. The Red Knight’s band of mercenaries may have a vital role to play…
Terry PratchettRaising Steam his latest Discworld novel…
Felix GilmanThe Revolutions in an alternate Victorian London, a down on his luck young journalist becomes embroiled in a war between feuding magical societies…  Gilman’s work is always interesting.

Kim NewmanAn English Ghost Story um, yes, it is. Set in Somerset; a city family move to an old house the country…
Kim HarrisonThe Witch With No Name Rachel Morgen‘s final adventure! Number 13 in the series, I think.

Stephen BaxterProxima a first extra-solar colony is only the beginning!
Jack CampbellImperfect Sword the 3rd of his Lost Stars set, or the 13th of the over-arching Lost Fleet series
Christopher PriestThe Space Machine new edition of his 1976 3rd novel

Brian AldissThe Complete Short Stories: the 1950s nice looking volume of 860+ pages containing 58 stories. That’s almost 15 pages each!

Alex Dally MacFarlane (editor) – The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women 33 stories with only 2 of them more than 15 years old.
S. T. Joshi (editor) – The Madness of Cthulhu 16 stories in this anthology subtitled ‘stories inspired by H. P. Lovecraft‘ All but two (by Clarke and Silverberg) are new.

in paperback:

Mercedes LackeyBastion the 5th in the Collegium Chronicles, set in Valdemar

art, etc:

Jim BurnsThe Art of JB: Hyperluminal beautiful hardcover retrospective
Dustin HarbinBehold! The Dinosaurs great panoramic poster book that extends to show a long procession of various dinosaurs, etc. from when they first appeared to when the comet struck!
Echo ChernikEcho a la Mode outsize volume of art reminiscent of La Belle Epoque, often with a close up of some detail on the  opposite panel
Echo ChernikEcho Recoil hardback with sketches and finished pieces, including some of her Shadowrun work
Chris McDonnellAdventure Time: The Art of OOO large full colour hardback, with art from all stages of production, from concept design to screen. With explanatory text
Rob Alexander, Finlay Cowan & Kevin WalkerThe Compendium of Fantasy Techniques advice and tips on all sorts of fantasy themes and characters, fully illustrated in colour & b&w. Not a h/c, but with stiff covers
3D Total PublishingDigital Painting Techniques volume 6 loads of art, with explanatory notes, etc.

Rich AbadzisLaika full colour graphic novel of the first dog in space!
Ariel Cohn & Aron Nels SteinkeThe Zoo Box strange events when the parents go out for the evening…
H. P. Lovecraft & I. N. I. Cullard  – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward the latest full colour adaptation from Self Made Hero publishers


Hi-Fructose – issue #33
Galaxy’s Edge – issue #10, cover date September, with a new Draco’s Tavern short story by Larry Niven!


Doctor WhoMask of Tragedy Big Finish adventure #190, with Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred
Doctor WhoSigns and Wonders Big Finish adventure #191, with Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred

Dean KoontzOddkins Luke Daniels reads the long out of print illustrated children’s novel about a group of worried toys. 5 cds. The book was fun but that was back in 1988!


Terry PratchettMrs. Bradshaw’s Handbook hardback guide ‘to travelling upon the Ankh-Morpork & Sto Plains Hygenic Railway‘ With b&w illustrations
Jeff Vandermeer & Desirina BoskovichSteampunk Users Manual companion volume to his earlier The Steampunk Bible


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Interruption in Service!

Please note that Transreal Fiction will be closed briefly from Tuesday 7th October until Friday the 10th and also on Monday 13th. But I will be open as usual on the Saturday in between, the 11th October.

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New Titles – w/e 4th October 2014

in hardcover:

Peter F. HamiltonThe Abyss Beyond Dreams part 1 of his latest trilogy, the Chronicle of the Fallers, again featuring Nigel Sheldon
Emily St. John MandelStation Eleven the story of the Travelling Symphony, as they travel around a de-populated world bringing culture to the survivors…

Terry PratchettA Slip of the Keyboard his collected essays, reviews and articles, dating from 1989 to 2011

in large format:

J. M. McDermottWe Leave Together the 3rd Dogsland novel…

in ‘B’ format:

Kim NewmanJohnny Alucard the latest in his Anno Dracula series…
Christopher FowlerNyctophobia Callie & Mateo move in to a grand old Spanish house with one half nice and bright with other half in deep shade and closed up…
Christopher Golden – Snowblind the Great Storm twelve years previously was only the start of the town’s troubles…
Kameron HurleyInfidel sequel to God’s War
Angus WatsonAge of Iron 1st in a new trilogy. Dug Sealskinner has ended up as an aging mercenary surrounded by enemies of all sorts…
Ann LeckieAncillary Sword sequel to the award-winning Ancillary Justice

George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois (editors) – Dangerous Women vol 1 seven stories about powerful women by authors such as Carrie Vaughn and Megan Lindholm. Also a long story from GRRM set in Westeros!

in paperback:

Edward M. LernerEnergized near-future look at an energy-poor world and the difficulties in starting to beam power down from orbit
Michael Z. WilliamsonTour of Duty: Stories and Provocations mainly short stories, with a section of essays and humour following…

Eric Flint & David CarrigoThe Devil’s Opera the latest 1636/Ring of Fire/1632 novel…
Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint & Dave FreerBurdens of the Dead the sequel to Much Fall of Blood and book 4 in their Heirs of Alexandria alternate history series
Anton StroutIncarnate the 3rd of his Spellmason Chronicles
Erin LindseyThe Bloodbound Alix saves the king and is appointed head of his bodyguards

Star TrekActs of Contrition the latest Voyager adventure from Kirsten Beyer


Doctor WhoSigns and Wonders Big Finish adventure #191, with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred

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New Titles – w/e 27th September 2014

in hardcover:

Edan LepuckiCalifornia Cal and Freida live on theoir own in the wilderness, unsure who else, if anyone, is out there…

David DayTolkien: A Dictionary it’s not what I’d call a dictionary, more a very nice little encyclopaedia…

in ‘B’ format:

John GwynneValour sequel to Malice; fleeing from his conquered homeland, Corban and his followers must venture through enemy lands…

art, etc:

Ben HatkeJulia’s House for Lost Creatures illustrated children’s book about Julia, whose house is attached to the back of a large tortoise!

Morvan & NesmoBramble hardcover steampunk detective adventure from Humanoids

Jean-Claude ForestBarbarella deluxe English language edition from Humanoids of the classic French strip


Interzone – #254, cover date September/October
Locus – #644 September cover date with Nicola Griffith on the cover


Age of Darkness – extra wide wall calendar, with poster-sized art on the reverse of each illustrated monthly page!

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New Titles – w/e 20th September 2014

in large format:

Richard CowperGateway Omnibus from Orion which includes Piper at the Gates of Dawn, The Road to Corlay, A Dream of Wessex and A Tapestry of Time which make up his Corlay sequence of books, also known as The White Bird of Kinship quartet
Robert HoldstockBerserker an Orion Gateway Omnibus collecting the trilogy he wrote as by Chris Carlson, which consists of Shadow of the Wolf, The Bull Chief and The Horned Warrior

in ‘B’ format:

Andy WeirThe Martian the diaries of one man left behind on Mars…


Black Static – #42, cover date Sept/Oct.

in hardcover (from Subterranean Press)

Brian LumleyNecroscope: The Mobius Murders signed (by Lumley and cover artist Eggleton) & numbered edition. £20.00
Peter CrowtherJewels in the Dust 13 short stories. Signed & numbered. £20.00
Caitlin R. KiernanThe Ape’s Wife 13 short stories. £20.00
Michael Marshall Smith, Benoit Domis & Nicholas RoyleThe Gist a novella by Smith, translated into French and then back into English by Royle. All three versions are collected here so you can compare the two English versions and, if your French is up to it, see how the differences arose! £20.00
Daniel AbrahamThe Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs novella-length beginning to a series set in Victorian times and featuring agents Balfour and Merriwether, who seem to investigate weird stuff. £14.00
Jack CampbellThe Last Full Measure novella set in an alternate America with Lincoln imprisoned for sedition… £14.00
Garth NixSir Hereward and Mister Fitz 3 stories featuring two stalwart defenders of the Realm, indeed the Earth, from aliens of all descriptions. Signed & numbered. £20.00

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